Reader responses to MO’s MV Agusta reviews typically involve a few common themes: Some note how beautiful the bikes are. Others comment on the performance. Many mention both of these points, followed by grief because their nearest MV dealer is several hundred miles away. For these readers, and surely others like them, it’s this lack of dealer support that keeps them from pulling the trigger on an MV Agusta.

Don’t think Varese hasn’t heard your plight. The company is well aware how big a market the U.S. is, and it’s also well aware how much it is underrepresented. Several steps have been put into place to solve this issue, a significant one being the appointment of Helen Vasilevski to run the point as CEO of MV Agusta USA. recently had the chance to chat with Vasilevski about the past, present and future of the MV brand in America, and you can watch our interview in the video below.

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Vasilevski understands her job is to put butts in seats. A powersports industry veteran of over 20 years (including a stint at Ducati), she knows she’ll have to foster a brand image in order to create a community in the U.S. around MV. To help in her quest, MV has a whopping 19 models for 2015. Two models – the Stradale and Turismo Veloce – signal an entry into the touring market, an arena MV has never ventured into before. “In order to build the brand, especially in the U.S., MV needed to expand outside the four-cylinder family and the supersports,” she said.

Equally as important, she’s tackling this quest by facing the biggest challenge head on: bolstering the dealer network. “For 2015 specifically, we need to build better infrastructure,” she says, “even though we have been in U.S. market for over 25 years.” In fact, during this interview, her phone was constantly lighting up, the people on the other end usually representatives from regions Vasilevski is trying to cover.

With the introduction of the Stradale and Turismo Veloce (not pictured), MV Agusta is diversifying beyond its racing roots and entering the touring market.

With the introduction of the Stradale and Turismo Veloce (not pictured), MV Agusta is diversifying beyond its racing roots and entering the touring market.

For you the consumer, keep voicing your concerns and requests about what you’d like to see next from MV. Vasilevski is in constant contact with Matteo Sanguineti, MV Agusta’s Global Product Manager, so if a loud enough voice is heard, change could very well happen. See the video to hear just a few strategies Helen has in place to help raise MV’s profile in the U.S.

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  • Erik

    MV, please look into getting a dealer in the South Bay Area of Northern California.

  • JMDonald

    I hope MV Augusta is serious about expanding their dealer network. It will improve sales here in the states. Good luck to them.

  • Jordan

    If MV Agusta can keep adding more polish to its final product and bolster its dealer network & infrastructure, it would be very difficult to turn down either the 675 or 800 F3 as an affordable alternative to accessible exotica for the average, if slightly well-off, rider.


    More dealers
    More comfortable seat on Brutale Dragster
    MegaScooter with DCT

    • ‘Mike Smith

      Especially more dealers. I’m pretty sure that I have an hour drive or more to the nearest one here in Florida.

      • Guest

        All due respect…you would like a manufacturer that produces 5,000 bikes a year worldwide to have dealers 30 minutes apart in a state that has no curves?

        • ‘Mike Smith

          You’re right, the entire state should just give up two wheeling.

  • Old MOron

    Doing something new every 30 days, that could be ambitious and lively, or it could be a corporate SMART goal in a Dilbert sort of way. I hope they succeed.

  • Uncommon Sense

    I’m anxiously awaiting the Turismo Veloce.

  • Scenic Highways

    Ditch the plastic gas tanks for metal ones on all models. MV reportedly hasn’t been able to service the warranty on these within multiple years after ethanol deformation. There are parts of this country where there is a two to three tank fill-up interval between ethanol free options. Keeping these on new models clearly sends this message “We are so interested in cutting corners on $20,000 bikes that we don’t care if our customers are stuck with a purchase they can’t ride or resale”. Then, add 200 CC’s and about 1.5 inches of wheelbase to the Veloce Turismo while keeping it a triple. Consider a dealership in Bozeman, MT to halve the 1650 mile gap between Minneapolis and Seattle.

  • Frank L

    Want to check the history, go to Wikipedia, great history lesson. good luck Helen.

  • allworld

    Well here in New England we have 1 dealer, so Helen, if you listening……….