The dance of the Seven Videos (okay, nine) is over at last, as Kawasaki releases its jaw-dropping new H2R.

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Calling upon its decades of experience force-feeding air into everything from WW2 bombers to 310-horsepower Jet Skis, the new ZX-10R-derived H2R uses a centrifugal supercharger to extract “in the region of 300 horsepower” from the 998cc 16-valve four cylinder.

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Discuss this at our Kawasaki Ninja H2 Forum.

There was a bit of an embarrassing discrepancy between the horsepower claim for its last new ZX-10R, in 2011, so you can reasonably bet Kawasaki won’t be making any claims the H2R can’t live up to. The last 10R we dynoed made 162.8 hp at 11,900 rpm. A sealed ram-air duct leads to the supercharger inlet, which then shoves pressurized air into a big airbox. One fuel injector per cylinder is located below the butterfly in each throttle body. The supercharger, specific for the H2R application, was designed completely in-house, Kawasaki says.


Instead of the typical beam frame everyone expected, the H2R gets a steel trellis complete with single-sided swingarm. The trellis “provided both the strength to harness the incredible power of the supercharged engine, and balanced flex to help stability for high-speed competition riding.” The single seater is cloaked in what appears to be carbon-fiber bodywork adorned with various aerodynamic aids designed by Kawasaki Aerospace Company to keep the H2R land-bound and tracking straight with minimal drag. Mirror-finish black chrome paint was specially developed for this model.

And now for the big let-down you knew had to be coming: “The H2R is only available as a closed-course model. Fitted with slick racing tires, it may not be ridden on public roads and should only be ridden by experienced riders.” That would explain the lack of lights, then. And who knows what results when Kawasaki drops the “R” from H2? Even a considerably tamer beast would still be a wild streetbike indeed.


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  • JWaller

    Wow, neat design. It looks like something I’d expect to see from MV Agusta, not Kawasaki. Not that I’d be able to ride a bike that powerful, but with no street model, just what kind of closed course racing is this thing built for? Not superbike. Is this thing really just for club racing? What class would this thing race in?
    I really like the semi-exposed engine, single-sided swingarm and steel tube trellis frame. Kudos to Kawasaki for its willingness to do something so radical, but this thing is probably just a buzz generator. I don’t expect many will sell (is there really a market for this?), and the price will probably be sky high. Maybe this is just a first step proof of concept piece that will eventually lead to a new street bike incorporating the technology but with more affordable clothing (plastic vs carbon fiber fairings).

    • Only thing I can think of is drag racing and track days… maybe an if you can afford the bike, you can afford the tires type of thing.

  • Ben Katz

    John, you realise that this is the Ninja H2R, right? It is the race model that is not street legal. Really awesome looking bike and there definitely is a market for it, especially in MotoGP circles and race enthusiasts (of which there are lots), this bike will be aimed at people who want a race only bike alongside their normal road bike, well it will look to replace all race bikes but not sure that everyone has the amount of money this will cost, the estimated specs can be found at:

    As far as the Ninja H2 goes according to Asphalt and Rubber (link below), it will be revealed at EICMA in November, but I would hope for a little sooner!

    • denchung

      Well, there was a bit of a bait and switch with Kawi promising the H2 reveal for Intermot, but only showing the uber-trick track only H2R.

  • little britches

    Reminds me of a modern day tour de force showcase like Honda use to do with its V4 RC bikes. This one will be super exclusive sold in small numbers and super expensive. My guess is that this “race” version will be close to $40k and the tamer street version will be in the Panigale price range. Of course the big question is, where in the hell will it be raced? WERA open class?

  • perri anton

    This is absolutely stupid,why would Kawasaki make a motocycle like this.Totally garbage,can’t take part in any world series motocycle racing,an cannot be driven an any public road.Totally garbage!.

    • Almon Poole

      This is a track bike only. They will build a street version of it with 1/3 less hp. I wonder if it will become a track staple now for rich people? I can’t wait to see one on a straight pulling by everyone…..

    • Ser Samsquamsh

      “Because they can”.

  • SRMark

    Yikes. This is in a league with the Dodge Hellcat. In this namby-pamby world this is a supercharged breath of fresh air. I’ll never buy one but it’s great knowing it’s out there.

    • little britches

      I agree, this bike will be in a lot of garages like Jay Leno’s collecting dust. I would not buy one even if it was priced within a dollar of the current ZX10R much less the $40K “or more” that they will want. A modern day NR750! LOL.

      • martinzabel

        I rode the NR 15 years ago as the britten V1000 and i will ride this too. All of them bikes that need no approval. They are not the sane choice crafted by insane lovers of the craft. Is it for track only? Sure. But if one cant see reasson on riding a bike that could rival the best GP bike i cannot understund em. All i see is bitter gsxr owners.

  • little britches

    So Kawasaki is claiming 200hp for the street version? What a let down, the 2015 BMW S1000RR makes that number WITHOUT a supercharger! SMH.

    • James Dawson

      Former WERA/CCS racer, the STREET VERSIONS, with 200+ hp are just KILLING MACHINES!! Some fool who think they are fast because they do 170mph+ on the highways, think they can ride and handle a 200hp+bike.

      First off, that amount of HP is NO WHERE NEEDED ON THE STREET!! Where you going to apply it? Some straight line jerk on the interstate and that is all. IMO, they should make all sportbike purchasers take a beginning race course. Rider that go fast on the racetrack, know for a fact they cannot let the bike out on the street..

      Anyway, I am still tooling along on my streetbike, a 2007 GSX R1000..The dam thing rides like a clock, looks super good. I profile on the street and ride to point a to point b. I even found out that that tech twistees were killing people. I left that alone. I have at least 4 to 5 100mph+ get offs at the racetrack and walked away from all of them, nary a scratch.. Just soreness..

      Try that crap on the street, and you are dead-meat, plus you endangering others .. All you think you fast peeps, the racetrack has something for you. You out grow trackdays, then you step up to racing. Racing is way above trackdays, and trackdays are way above ANYTHING on the street..

      Ride safe everyone,

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Wow, what a let down. Tons of hype for a bike that few will want or ride. Show me a street-legal supercharged 636 or ZX7R, and now we’re talking. They might as well have shown a drawing and said, “Look what I drew, mommy!”

    • TronSheridan

      You do realize a street version will be announced in a few days, right? Didn’t think so…

    • Boromike

      Fuck you

  • So where’s the new C14? That’s what I am waiting to see.

    • Evans Brasfield

      I’ll be throwing a leg over one in a few weeks. Your patience will pay off.

      • I was hoping that they added cruise control and rejigged the ergos to make it more UJM.

  • Anthony August Archer

    “There was a bit of an embarrassing discrepancy between the horsepower claim for its last new ZX-10R, in 2011, so you can reasonably bet Kawasaki won’t be making any claims the H2R can’t live up to. The last 10R we dynoed made 162.8 hp at 11,900 rpm.”

    Like that is any of Kawasaki’s fault… the motor still puts out 200BHP. It’s just electronically limited. It had to be limited because of EPA rules… So Kawi played ball while BMW was able to sneak through not limiting theirs because of how their bikes are classified and the number of (total bikes across all models) bikes sold pales in comparison to Kawasaki. Elsewhere in the world, where the EPA doesn’t govern, the bike will put out a healthy 180HP in stock form.

    Remove the restrictions in the ECU with an ECU flash and then redyno the bike… I’d be glad to offer my services to you free of charge to show the difference between your stock dyno and my flashed ECU also showing exactly what was changed within the ECU and the huge difference between the stock North American ECU and the ECUs found in the bikes elsewhere. The image I attached is a 100% bone stock 2012 ZX-10R that was dynoed followed up with my ECU flash and a Brock’s Alienhead Slip on dynoed on the same exact dyno, by the same exact tech in roughly the same conditions. or email me at

    • garysco

      Because our baby sitter Uncle Sam mandates you be “bureaucratically” safe out there at 200 MPH. Just think of how many jobs and agencies would be eliminated if he didn’t.

      PS – Watch out for that officially-condoned-prescription-medicated-depressed driver turning left in the Buick.

  • Matt H

    It is a premium flagship product, showcasing what they can do. More of a marketing tool than an actual revenue-generating item. And it’s awesome. I think the only person who might be able to ride this thing to its potential without dying would be Batman — and even he might soil his bat suit.

  • Matt H

    It is a premium flagship product, showcasing what they can do. More of a marketing tool than an actual revenue-generating item. And it’s awesome. I think the only person who might be able to ride this thing to its potential without dying would be Batman — and even he might soil his bat suit.

  • JD

    Well it seems like most people do not like to move forward with innovative technology and sheer awesomeness. I can appreciate it for what it is and I can say that I really do like it. It’s fierce yet beautiful. Cant wait for the H2 non R to be announced for the street. I think this would be just as fun at the track as any motorcycle is.

  • JasonWorthing

    WHEW!! Whatta relief!! lol..I’m wiping sweat off my brow with the news
    that the gentry cannot purchase this bike, because I’m now in that ‘grey
    area’ where I’m a tad too big, a tad too stiff in the knees, hip and back
    and a tad too close to the age where one SERIOUSLY contemplates taking a
    pass on a new repli-racer and looks at more and more upright saddles and
    handlebars, all the while in deep thought that the day he thought will never come actually feels more welcome than not (Always owned only sportbikes).

    When I first saw the bike and read the spec’s I
    thought I was going to have to squeeze into yoga pants and join a class
    to work on my ever stiffening joints, admirable beer belly and pretzel
    myself some more onto a repli-racer that seems ever progressively being
    produced to fit riders no taller than 5’9″… I was going to weep a
    reluctant tear but sack up and continue swinging my stiff knee and achey
    hip over a repliracer for a few more years to come. After seeing that
    it isnt legal to ride on public roads..I’m saying “THANK YOU GAWD”!!. I
    mean…the frikken bike has can a dood not drool?

    Whoo..Almost crushed my musings about flirting with a more sedate offering.

  • Boris Roberts

    I sure hope they make a naked version of it. I can’t ride with clip ons any more. A bike like my KTM 950 SM with 2 1/2 times the power would be just right.

    • WTF

      Why do you prefer bikes without fairing? Is it for the looks or the crash cost or other considerations as well?

  • gr

    It’s a start, but I crave more hp

  • асурин заратутрович

    60 000 bucks :((

  • What a disappointment!…..Sure it’s trick but how many more 1000’s do they need???? They have nothing between the 650 ninja and the 1000’s and with Yamaha, Triumph and MV cashing in on the benefits of the triples I would have never guessed they wouldn’t of try to capitalize on the legend of their triple’s. It absolutely makes no sense given the competition in the motorcycle market and considering the cost to engineer such a limited production machine that few could use makes no sense……A 125hp 750 4 stroke triple would have sold like hot cakes!……Kawasaki this move is an absolute marketing blunder!

  • bey
  • cathries
  • Christian Mygind

    600-750 hp BIKE!

    P.S. Just thinking