If you missed Ducati’s live-streaming event from Milan this morning, you missed a lot. According to CEO Claudio Domenicali, 402,000 Ducati fans saw the new model presentation on Facebook this morning. We expected most of the new models that were introduced; one we didn’t really is the new Multistrada 950.

This one Domenicali described as the Swiss Army Knife Ducati. It uses a 937cc Testastretta 11-degree motor instead of the 1200cc unit in the current Multi. The 937 claims 113 horsepower at 9000 rpm, with a very flat torque curve said to produce 80% of its 71 lb-ft peak all the way from 3500 to 9500 rpm. Valve-check intervals are now scheduled every 18,000 miles.


Along with that smaller engine comes a reduction in weight to about 500 pounds when gassed up, around 11 pounds less than claimed for the base 1200 Multi.  The Multistrada 1200 S we loved in 2015 tipped the scales at 567 pounds when equipped with its saddlebags. The Multi 1200 Enduro we recently tested scaled in at 647 pounds.

Seat height for the new 950 is 33 inches, with 20mm lower and 20mm taller options available.


An inverted 48mm fork gives 6.7 inches of fully adjustable travel. A Sachs shock connects the swingarm to the left subframe: Spring preload is adjustable (via a knob-operated hydraulic press), as is hydraulic compression and rebound damping. The spring is progressive; rear suspension travel is also 6.7 inches.

Otherwise, it’s standard Multistrada, with a 19-inch front wheel and a new grab rail out back that can take either standard plastic saddlebags or aluminum panniers as needed for the task at hand. As with the 1200 Multi, four packages of accessories are available: Touring, Urban, Sport and Enduro:

  • Touring Pack: Side panniers and centerstand.
  • Sport Pack: Type-approved Ducati Performance exhaust by Termignoni (complies with EU homologation standards), billet aluminum frame plugs, billet aluminum front brake fluid reservoir plug.
  • Urban Pack: Top case, tank bag with tank lock and USB hub to charge electronic devices.
  • Enduro Pack: Supplementary LED lights, Ducati Performance components by Touratech: engine crash bars, aluminum radiator guard, aluminum sump guard, broader kickstand base and off- road rider pegs.


Those four packages fit in nicely with the four riding modes you can select using the all-new switchgear. Which doesn’t appear to include Cruise Control, in spite of this one being a full ride-by-wire bike. Dang.


The Ducati Safety Pack includes the latest Bosch 9.1 MP ABS with three-level adjustment and eight-level Ducati Traction Control. These safety systems apply different intervention levels depending on the selected Riding Mode.

Instrumentation is LCD, the taillight is LED, the brakes are Brembo M4.32 monoblocks squeezing 320mm discs – all fine components designed to get the job done while slightly reducing costs and allowing a few more thousand people to gain access to the Multi.


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  • Old MOron

    On man, now I really can’t wait to watch this.

  • JMDonald

    Yes. Almost a litre and way less than five hundred. It keeps getting better.

    • Old MOron

      Agreed. This thing sounds like it’s going to be great.

    • Born to Ride

      Its almost as light as my 1100! Really looking forward to test riding one of these.

  • John B.

    I recently watch a YouTube video that featured a young maniac riding a Yamaha FZ-09 at its limits in a Dallas suburb about 10 miles from where I live. The triple-digit speeds he regularly attained far exceeded anything I would do on a motorcycle while riding in the Metroplex. For me to buy a bike with even more power than the FZ-09, such as the FZ-10, would only increase the disparity between the bike’s potential and my ability to ride it.

    Similarly, this Multistrada 950 surely provides more performance than my riding skills and risk tolerance can handle, and costs several thousand dollars less than the bigger multi and the BMW S1000XR. The Multi 950 looks great, and will likely be a great fit for more riders than its predecessor. Looks like a winner to me.

  • Ian Parkes

    Wow, this looks a big step closer to the perfect all-rounder.

  • EricPJ

    there are quite a few online sources quoting a wet weight figure of 500lb for this bike, though MOrons are saying 470lb fully gassed up, can you confirm which is correct? That kind of makes a big difference, if it’s really that light its potentially a really versatile machine indeed compared to the 1200s from Ducati and BMW and makes the reduced power pretty insignificant

    • john mature puss

      hmm, yes,. The same disappointment that I got after the Africa Twin’s big previews may happen here too. Full V empty makes loads of difference

    • Kevin Duke

      Indeed, Ducati now says the 950 is only 11 lbs lighter than the 1200. I’ve edited the text to reflect this info.