BMW revealed an updated S1000RR with restyled bodywork, reduced weight and increased power.

The S1000RR made a big splash when it was first introduced in 2009, impressing with its power numbers and winning our 2010 Motorcycle of the Year award. The new S1000RR promises even better performance figures, claiming a peak output of 199 hp, (6hp more than the previous model). Torque still tops out at 83 ft-lb but BMW says the torque curve is more linear with a wider plateau beatween 9500 rpm and 12000 rpm. BMW says it also trimmed 8.8 pounds off the S1000RR, claiming a weight – with fuel – of 449.7 pounds, for an improved power-to-weight ratio.


The performance upgrade stems from a redesigned cylinder head with new duct geometry, intake camshaft and lighter intake valves. The airbox and intake were modified with a shorter intake length. The new exhaust system also contributes to the power and torque characteristics while weighing 6.6 pounds lighter than the previous exhaust.

The chassis incorporates a new, lighter frame with updated steering head angle, wheel castor, wheelbase and swingarm pivot point. BMW claims the updates increase traction and feedback.


The suspension system is fully-adjustable with updated negative spring travel for more banking clearance. The S1000RR is also available with the optional Dyanmic Damping Control electronic suspension system introduced on the HP4.

The S1000RR comes standard with Rain, Sport and Race ride modes, but adding the Pro option adds Slick and User modes as well as launch control. Other optional electronic features include gear shift assist, dynamic traction control and, for the first time in a superbike, cruise control. ABS and automatic stability control are available as standard.

The 2015 BMW S1000RR will be offered in three color schemes: Racing Red/Light White, Black Storm Metallic and BMW Motorsport.

Follow the rest of our 2014 Intermot Show coverage for more information on new 2015 motorcycle announcements.

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  • little britches

    WOW, other than the HUGE new muffler I thought at first glance it was the old model. I suppose rather than change it up and make it appealing BMW decided to keep its bland eccentric looks. Still not warming up to the style even after 6 years. However they gave it exactly what it didn’t need,, more HP. LOL

    • Master V

      “I thought at first glance it was the old model” – that says it all. If headlights of the new model give you no hint (they are reversed from older model) then that shows how much you know about this bike.

      The proverb “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is very appropriate here – what tickles one would do nothing for someone else. I love the design of the current model and but bit disappointed of the changes to fairings – too plain.

      The raider aids package is great!

      • D Harris

        I own a 2012 sport / race colours and came to the bike after a decade of British and World super bike racing, as well as a spell in charge of Yamaha’s press and public relations department where I appraised Yamaha’s prototypes in Japan and Europe.

        My thoughts? Amazing engine. You can’t use a quarter of the performance on the road. The bike’s Achilles heel is the suspension. Over damped and grossly over sprung for road use.

        It’s also set up with way too little weight over the front end and the wheelbase is too long which makes it under steer.

        BMW’s trade off has been to keep lots of weight over the rear to reduce high-sides and to give the traction control half a chance, while compromising the rate of turn.

        It’s an easy geometric fix though because they give you the tools in the form of eccentric cams on the rear suspension mount so you can stick the rear in the air to make sure you hit those apexes.

        I’m intrigued enough by the new one to have test ridden it yesterday. Unfortunately it was in the rain, but even then the softer damping in the wet allows you greater flexibility to alter your line mid-corner if you have run in too hot. Still not enough weight over the front, but as I say, that’s and easy fix. I need to ride it in the dry to properly understand what it’s going to do damping wise on dry roads at the limit, but semi-active suspension is definitely the way to go.

        As for the styling – in the eye of this particular ‘beholder’ I think my bike is pig ugly – only a face a mother could love and the mix of curves and angles simply doesn’t work. The new one though I really like. I think the stylists have done a great job of bringing the concept together.

        Am I going to go for a new one? You bet.

        • Taylor

          Aw, she’s not ugly. I love my bike (2014 White SKRR), but the 2015 is pretty too.

          These bikes are advanced and at the peak of their performance. I see no reason to change out stock parts unless you are racing competitively on a track. Olhins makes some fine suspension then.

          Most people that complain about their suspension in my experience don’t know how to set it up. Take it to a professional.

  • George B

    looks good to me. when is the US release?

  • JMDonald

    If I was in the market for a Sport Bike. This would be the one for me.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    Too bad they kept the retarded looking headlights. I couldn’t own a bike with lights like that. It seriously looks like BMW was running low on angular lights and had lots of round lights sitting in a warehouse somewhere and then some bean counter came up with the brilliant idea of making a retarded looking bike.

    • hunkyleepickle

      its part of BMW’s design language, all models have some manner of asymmetrical design. Both sides of the S1000rr have different fairings too. I personally like it, i like my bikes to look different than every other shiny perfect pavement queen out there.

    • BeaglePower G

      The lights are what give this bike the unique character…..BMW want’s you to hate the look of the lights, that’s what make the look ultimately appealing. I’m still loving my 2012 Black

  • Stuki

    As pointless as it initially seems on a superbike, cruise control may well be exactly what the doctor ordered to keep owners from being locked up on pretty much any straight, boring section of road whatsoever…..

    • hunkyleepickle

      its amazing on the S1000r, i tell thee.

  • Darwin Allen

    Looks boring – I never loved the look of the S1000RR but I liked the bike itself enough to buy one. I had high hopes for the 2015 but the styling looks bland, lots of the features that were rumored (and I was hoping for) aren’t on this one, and the power gain isn’t that great. I honestly think BMW is getting lazy following the massive success of this bike. Hopefully it gets a true overhaul soon. In the mean time I’ll stick with my base model 2012 – would love an HP4, maybe those will drop in price when this is available.

  • joe kidd

    looks like the front bodywork melted and is falling all around the front wheel, not a fan of this redo, hopefully for those that buy it they isolated out the vibration I felt when riding one.