BMW’s S1000RR knocked our socks off when it debuted in 2009, earning immediate praise and going on to win several of our superbike shootouts and repeated MOBO awards as it was updated in 2012 and again in 2015. And then there was the higher-spec HP4 version that we described as the most capable sportbike ever when we reviewed it late in 2012.

2017 Superbike Shootout

So it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that a new track-only HP4 Race version, with a carbon-fiber frame and wheels and upper-top-shelf componentry, like a Suter swingarm and and World Superbike-spec FGR300 Öhlins fork and nickel-plated Brembo GP4 PR brake calipers, was going to be one of the best sportbikes we’ve ever sampled.

BMW says the HP4 Race (which lacks any street equipment) scales in at 378 pounds with its aluminum tank filled with 4.6 gallons of fuel, this compared to the S1000RR’s curb weight claim of 459 pounds. That makes the HP4 genuinely lighter than a World Supers racebike! Of course, all this top-shelf equipment doesn’t come cheap: The MSRP is $78,000 for one of the 750 units BMW will produce.

We already delivered our review of the HP4 Race, but now we’ve put together a video for it that includes an interview with Josef Miechler, BMW’s Product Office Strategy and Product Management responsible for BMW’s 4- and 6-cylinder platforms. Sepp, Miechler’s nickname, is an avid trackday enthusiast who is faster than most riders, so his comments and descriptions aren’t just flowery words spat out by a PR flack. We hope you enjoy the video!

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    I subscribe to these videos through my YouTube app. This bike is beyond the pale. In a good way. Wow.


      i had to watch it here-something wrong with my Youtube app,i get audio only-most impressive!

  • Old MOron

    Absolutely, absolutely, zat vas a kool video, ja.

    Okay seriously, cool vid. I don’t think I discerned the audible TC signal, but I believe you. Only seven kilos heavier than a MotoGP bike, wow.

    • Donna

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  • A. Freire

    I have owned a 2010 S1000RR and own (and have raced) a 2015 S1000RR, so this is a dream bike. What’s disappointing is the 3000 mile life of the engine. Of course that’s a lot of races. But still. Kind of destroys the idea that this engine might find itself in the 2018 model. Oh, well.

    • Kevin Duke

      Yeah, the HP4 is a plaything for well-off enthusiasts. Stay tuned for news about the upcoming new S1000RR, which will likely raise the literbike bar once again. Can’t wait to find out how great Ducati’s new V4 will be, too!

      • A. Freire

        Yep, waiting with trepidation for the 2018 Beemer; I know I’ll want it, but then again I have spent a lot on mods for my 2015… The new Ducati sure seems to have raised the bar. Weird it’s an 1100cc bike, don’t know what their WSBK homologation plans are. Anyway, 200hp is plenty, what I like most about this HP4 is their focus on trimming weight, especially unsprung. Good times for superbikes.

        • Kevin Duke

          Ducati will within the next year offer a V4 with a 1000cc displacement for WSB homologation prior to the 2019 race season. Ducati will continue with its V-Twin in 2018.

        • Jay Moto

          Yeah I cannot wait to see how all of them stack up! I’m guessing that Ducati will use the shortened up stroke version of that new Desmo Stradale engine as their homologated race spec engine for WSBK. That would put it right at 1000cc. Either way, so awesome

        • J Carne

          It would be interesting to know how many bearing changes the carbon fiber wheels will tolerate before the bore is shot. But I guess if you can afford to buy a couple of these to race with, maintenance parts are small change.


    worth every penny from the look of that vid-the Jerries have done it again! that the carbon fiber frame can be produced in one hour is amazing