Ducati raised the bar when it comes to lightweight materials, introducing its carbon fiber 1299 Superleggera at EICMA. It didn’t take long for other manufacturers to follow, with BMW announcing plans for a HP4 RACE model featuring a carbon fiber frame and wheels.

While the new Superleggera is ready for production (and all 500 units already sold out, apparently) the HP4 RACE is still in the prototype stage. The project is still early enough in its development that BMW didn’t provide much information about it. All we have are the visual clues and a single statement from BMW Chief Executive Officer Stephan Schaller saying “The HP4 RACE will feature the full carbon fibre main frame and carbon fibre rims as shown here. We will reveal more about this model next spring.”


The prototype displayed at EICMA also showed a carbon fiber fairing and fenders as well as an Akrapovic exhaust with carbon heat shielding. Unlike with the Superleggera however, the swingarm appears to be aluminum and not carbon fiber as well.

The frame has a slightly different shape than the S1000RR’s aluminum frame but likely shares similar dimensions. The fairing design looks similar to the current S1000RR but with different mounting points.


The prototype uses an Öhlins FGR 300 fork and what looks like a TTXGP rear shock. The front brake caliper appears to be Brembo’s nickel-coated CNC GP4-RX. Of course, all of this is subject to change before going into full production.

BMW will reveal more information about the HP4 RACE in the spring with a limited production run slated to launch in the second half of 2017.

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  • Luke

    that looks like one of those “heritage” color schemes that just looks terrible on the bike it’s been applied to. I’m sure somewhere there’s a MG that looks good in these colors, but this bike isn’t it to me.

  • TimU

    I sure don’t care for the urine green colors. Moto-Pissy can keep’em.

  • The_Fast_and_Furious_Gunrunner

    Moto Guzzi should instead spend money on improving performance of the V7 platform. In an era of 90 to 100 HP per liter Guzzi’s V7 is making closer to 55 HP per liter. My son wanted one desperately until he rode one.

    • Ser Samsquamsh

      The new one stops a lot better than the old one! 100 HP would probably be dangerous in a chassis like that and making it safe would make it really expensive. If you want to go fast there are a lot of other choices.

  • Alan

    Sad to see the replica so unattractive and slow compared to the 40 year old predecessor.

    Ford has made the Mustang good looking, and better in every way than the earlier model. Come on, Guzzi.

  • mugwump

    Please no number plate, please.

  • Colonel Matumbo

    MO reported….Web site checked…..Dealer Confirmed. No 6 speed transmission!
    No new tilted engine, Foot pegs etc……. Guzzi, Why?

  • S perry

    I owned a 2013 V7. Is underpowered, but it does move very well. I could not fit the bike and I sold it.

  • Jamie Hobbs

    I agree with the other commenters as well. I don’t care for the colors very much. The body style is great though. I really like racers, especially hard tail ones. I’m currently loving the Racer from Local Motors (http://bit.ly/racer7).

  • Obdurate Verity

    Good thing they only made 50 of them, butt ugly lil thing.

  • JMDonald

    I can dream can’t?

  • TonyCarlos

    Wait until you have to tell your insurance company that you dropped yours….