Remember William Crum, the a-hole who swerved his car into a motorcycle when it attempted to pass him over double-yellow lines on a Texas highway, knocking the rider and his passenger off the road and causing them to crash?

Well, it’s now just past Crum’s one-year anniversary in jail while the 69-year-old awaits trial on aggravated assault charges. His bond was set at $75,000 for each charge, which he apparently is unable or unwilling to pay. If convicted, Crum could face up to 20 years in prison for each count. Below is an explanation of the legal proceedings since the incident from our favorite motorcycle-riding attorney, John Butrus. —Ed.

Last October, John Burns wrote an article about William Sam Crum who intentionally crashed into a motorcyclist and his passenger, which caused them serious injuries that required hospital treatment. When a following motorcyclist with a video camera confronted Crum about the crash and the passenger’s injuries, Crum responded on video, “I don’t care.” The video attracted more than 1.6 million YouTube views.

Court records show Crum charged with two aggravated assault cases (felonies). Police arrested Crum one day after the incident on October 19, 2015, and booked him into jail early on October 20. Apparently unable to make bail, Crum has been in jail since then, but has had no court settings since his arraignment hearing (charges read, plea entered) on February 2, 2016.

Normally, cases where the defendant does not make bail (i.e., awaits trial in jail) have at least one setting a month. Many courts require a court setting every week or so because it is expensive (and in some cases unfair) to keep a defendant in jail for an extended period while awaiting trial.


The 355th District Court in Hood County, where Crum’s cases are pending, has a standing discovery order related to criminal cases which requires the State to give defense counsel essentially all the evidence in its possession. In addition, the Hood County District Attorney’s office has an “open file policy” in which it makes available its file to defense counsel. The discovery order and open file policy explain, in part, why Crum’s case has had so few pre-trial settings.

Trish Walters, Assistant Court Administrator for the 355th District Court where Crum’s case is pending, confirmed Crum’s case has no court settings. Walters further confirmed Crum remains in the Hood County jail, and said Crum “must wait for his case to be targeted” for trial.

Crum’s attorney, Luke Lukas, said he expects Crum’s cases to go to trial, in part, because Judge Ralph H. Walton Jr., does not accept many plea-bargain agreements. This explains why the court has an active trial docket. Lukas declined to discuss whether the State has made any plea-bargain offers but said he expects the case to be set for trial “soon.” Typically, this court sets trials four to eight weeks after giving notice to the State and the accused.

Lukas feels media coverage has been “one-sided” against his client. The defense has not finalized its trial strategy, but may stick with Crum’s claimed excuse that a bee sting caused the crash. The motorcyclist was passing Crum in a no passing zone when the crash occurred. As such, I expect the defense to argue the incident would not have occurred if the motorcyclist had adhered to the traffic laws. Yes, to blame the victim is a rabbit trail, but it’s an argument that may appeal to some jurors, and a criminal defendant needs only one juror on his side to avoid a guilty verdict.

Crum appears eligible for probation under Texas law, however, only a jury (and not a judge) can give Crum probation for aggravated assault. Hood County juries, like most rural Texas juries, are tough on crime. As such, Crum may receive an extensive prison sentence if found guilty, even though he does not have an extensive criminal record.

Hood County authorities have taken this incident seriously. The police arrested Crum the day after the incident, and he has remained in jail ever since. Crum faces two serious felony charges, and the cases are headed to trial where an impartial jury will decide Crum’s fate.

  • Bob Dragich

    William Crum shows no remorse over his actions and instead, is defiant to this day:

    • John B.

      If any MOrons finds himself charged with two felonies, handcuffed, and being escorted by a law enforcement officer wearing a white cowboy hat…. that’s a good time to remain silent!!! Loose Lips Sink Ships!

      • Bob Dragich

        Or admit what you did was wrong, say you’re sorry, work out a plea agreement, do your time and make restitution.

        • John B.

          I hear you Bob, but the order in which you do those things often has a dramatic impact on how much time a person serves. Admissions made in a TV news interview without counsel present usually limits a defendant’s options.

          • Bob Dragich

            I didn’t say to do it then, just to do it. Although this guy is dumb enough to.

    • Allison Sullivan

      You’re not some sort of avenging angel. Yes, the bike was speeding and crossing the yellow line. Do what the rest of us do, shake your head, or call the traffic hotline with this plate.

      Dude’s a psycho. Jail is the best place for him, before he kills someone. And I’d say the delay in his case means that the cops probably know it too.

      • John B.

        We know Crum has limited financial resources, otherwise, he would have made bail by now. In addition, his behavior and explanations may indicate he has a mental illness or disorder (normal people don’t behave like Crum behaved). If so, jail is not the best place for him.

        Unfortunately, many people with mental illness and limited financial resources land in prison. Some forward thinking jurisdictions screen incoming inmates for drug addiction, alcohol addiction and mental illness, and provide treatment before proceeding with prosecution.

        Better access to mental healthcare and addiction treatment is part of the solution to protect citizens from incidents like this one.

        • ‘Mike Smith

          While I agree that the mentally ill receive little to no treatment while incarcerated, having this maniac off the streets keeps us all a little bit safer.

          • Wes Janzen

            I don’t think anyone disagrees, however the mentally ill and addicted shouldn’t be ending up in jail . You don’t further justice by performing another act of injustice.

        • moostrength

          Being a narrow minded imbecile isn’t having a mental illness. If being an idiot were classified as mental illness, half the people (at least) on the road would be in the hospital.

      • Bruce Almighty


        I agree with your full post, except the line “call the traffic hotline with his plate”. Yes, if someone is truly driving recklessly and endangering lives, ok, but if someone had simply passed me above the speed limit or even passed on a double line with room to spare, I don’t take any offense at that. I don’t feel the need to report other drivers to the authorities. Other drivers exceeding the speed limit in a safe manner (yes there is such a thing, as many limits are arbitrarily), don’t affect my life.

  • AZgman

    This guy is in a dark, dark, place. Being pissed off that someone is not obeying traffic laws is one thing, but intentionally trying to harm them? There really is no excuse.

  • JMDonald

    It couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy. May he continue to enjoy his bad decision.

  • Dootin

    Die in prison you motherfucker!

  • Starmag

    I’m sure I don’t want to know how someone gets this angry and bitter.

    A bee sting. Riiiiight…

    Grade A asshole.

  • john phyyt

    This guy is a homicidal, criminal, fool. .. Prisons are full of them. Why didn’t he leave the crime scene? Without video , he would be free to carry on killing maiming at will.

  • Old MOron

    Thank you, JohnB, for your diligent attention to this unhappy matter. And thank you for keeping us MOrons up to date.

  • Buzz

    He gets three hots and a cot. That’s probably better than what this miserable a-hole had on the outside.

  • Jon Jones

    Justice moves at a glacial pace.

  • Campisi

    Crum in all likelihood deserves significant (if not decades of) jail time, but his presence in a jail cell purely for his inability to pay bail must not be misconstrued as “justice” of any sort. Our legal system is neither perfect nor impartial, and bail merely puts a price upon justice.

    • Vrooom

      I hate agreeing with your comment. It’s too damn reasonable. But in most other situations I would.

  • allworld

    Personally I hope he stays in prison. I think it is safe to say this guy has been an A-hole his whole life, and it finally caught up with him.

  • Vrooom

    Why is he not charged with attempted murder, that’s what it was. While I would normally say that a year is too long to wait for a trial or even to see a judge, I couldn’t care less if this guy rots in jail for the rest of his life.

    • DickRuble

      I have a better idea: let’s have him judged by a biker judge, with a jury of bikers. The sentence could be having him quartered between four motorcycles.

    • John B.

      In Texas, a person commits criminal homicide (i.e., murder) if he “intentionally or knowingly… causes the death of an individual.” Attempt requires, among other things, specific intent to commit the underlying offense (murder in this instance). The State has the burden to prove each element of the offense, including intent, beyond a reasonable doubt. In this instance, there’s insufficient evidence to prove Crum intended to kill the victims.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Kinda surprised Mr. Crum has made it to nearly age 69.

    • Ian Parkes

      That might depend on him meeting someone else with a similar disregard for other lives or consequences and lucky for us they are not that common, – or they were before this election.

  • Jaime Berrones

    Its a very unfortunate situation, after saw that video i ride nervous hoping not find another stupid like Crum, but for the people who has the accident after years i saw and have myself some accidents in mortorcycles, and tell you how the adequate gear makes a difference in a situation like this, that girl could have a lot less damage if she has wore a proper jacket.


    Make sure he never gets behind the wheel of a vehicle ever again.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    I hope this scumbag dies in jail.

    • Troll’in, troll’in, troll’in

      He will.

  • thesheepwillalwaysfollow

    The minute he said “i dont care”…is the instant the camera gets turned off and he gets beat with a helmet.

    Then claim momentary insanity.


    He’ll get a stiff sentence but where I live there are people who sympathize with him because riders race up and down the roads in front of their houses in packs acting like colossal a-holes. Women are afraid to drive alone because many riders act like predators and harass the hell out of them. The police show up and they leave but the police can’t camp out there forever so when the law is gone the a-holes return and it all starts anew. Then the a-holes complain they are being harassed by the police.

  • TrainChaser

    It’s now February, 2017 — has this guy gone to trial YET??? I guess TX has never read the part in the U.S. Constitution about a speedy trial.

  • toobe i

    What a total piece of human SH**

  • Troll’in, troll’in, troll’in

    I give the rear motorcycle credit on restraint. If I in that persons shoes, I would have shown Crum my helmet at lest 6 times on 2 seconds. There are PLENTY of inmates in prison that will “educate” this POS.