Army veteran Brandon Jenkins was just minding his own business, waiting for the lights to change when a man ran up from behind and tried to pull him off of his Suzuki GSX-R600. He didn’t know at the time, but the man was fleeing from police for an alleged hit-and-run. Jenkins quickly assessed the situation and fought back as his assailant tried to steal his bike.

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Jenkins, who used the money he earned from his tour in Afghanistan to buy the Suzuki, was able to fight off the suspect who fled as unmarked police vehicles closed in. The man returned to his stolen truck and drove off, driving over the Gixxer in the process before crashing following a short chase. Joshua Michael Monigold was arrested and faces multiple charges.

The Suzuki was heavily damaged in the incident. Jenkins started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to repair the bike but Kawasaki has stepped in and offered Jenkins a brand new motorcycle. Jenkins is continuing his GoFundMe campaign with the money going to cover the taxes on the new Kawi, with the rest to go to the owner of the stolen truck.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    He picked up the bike so fast as if it was a 125. Adrenaline in action.

  • Ric Hill

    We can be proud of this young man, a veteran, a father and a true hero. We can also be proud the motorcycle community, Kawasaki and also GOFUNDME stepped in. What I am angry about is the police, with lights and sirens blaring, did not block forward escape route of the stolen truck. They could learn a lesson from the valor of this unarmed citizen.

  • ADB

    Well done. I’d say Alpinestars could kick in a little too.

    Way to go Kawasaki.