In this rush at the end of 2016 to sum up what it means for ourselves and motorcycling, while we simultaneously look ahead to all the potential that 2017 has to offer, we can get distracted from the moment all to easily. The concept of mindfulness has gained popularity in recent years among navel gazers (like myself) as a means of preventing the rush of information we live in from becoming overwhelming to our very souls. So, in this spirit, I offer this moment of unabashed moto-joy to savor for 37 seconds of bliss.

  • Sean McLaughlin

    Nice photo!

  • Drake Wilson

    I was annoyed when Brutus claimed to be the fastest electric last year. They were the fastest in the modified category, but Jeff Clark beat them by 20 seconds on a production Zero FX.

  • Auphliam

    You know, all this electric racing news lately is pretty exciting. A year ago, I was diehard ICE. I would’ve been the last person in the world to extol the virtues of an electric motorcycle. This last couple months, with the run up to Victory at the IoMTT, and now this, has really started to change my point of view. Hell, even Harley Davidson built one.

  • Mahatma

    I like it

  • Dootin


  • Vrooom

    That was pretty good.

  • JMDonald

    It’s Burns isn’t it?

    • Evans Brasfield

      Oh, how I wish we could take credit for this video!