If we stopped by your house, what type of equipment are we going to find in your garage?  Since we know our readers are motorcycle fanatics, you can vote for more than one category.  Let us know what you’ve got!

What type of motorcycle is in your garage?








  • Paulevalence

    none yet :c

    • spiff

      If you are in a position to start with a dirtbike you should. More fun than a weekend in hell, and less pain than learning on the street. Either way take the MSF course and get to it.

    • John A. Stockman

      One of the many great smaller displacement dual-sports would be where I’d start out if I was doing it at this point in time. Maybe take that always-present dirt road off the tarmac, still able to travel a weekend’s worth of distance. MSF course, yes! Just a start though, think about a supplemental option also. Here in the NW, we have Puget Sound Safety, which takes the MSF curriculum much further, adds in the details, is a load of fun and prepares you much better for your adventures. Now there’s a lot of off-road oriented training courses too. Good luck!

  • vonbane

    Poll is broken, can’t select any of the options (tried Firefox and Chrome)

    • JPD

      Do you have an ad blocker. If so, disable it, refresh, then vote.

  • Bubba Blue

    Can’t make vote tote work. I got a 2001 Bandit 1200S that totally RIPS! And a 2013 Road King.

    • JPD

      Turn off your ad blocker

  • ColoradoS14


    • spiff

      You just beat me to the question.

    • Mahatma

      Mine too

  • spiff

    So any performance bike is under the sportbike umbrella? What about an SV650? I am very sarcastic, but this time it is actually a question.

  • Yuri Calmon

    TRAIL sub 500 cc

  • Jon Jones


  • Matt O

    Why no scooters? Vfr800, vstar 950 and buddy 125!

    • John A. Stockman

      Needed a “write in” category! My Burgman 400 is an amazing bike in its own right. Handles better than many mid-80s standards I’ve owned, more lean angle, terrific brakes and 65mpg. The Ural is in a category by itself!

  • Mike Simmons

    What? No sport-touring category?

  • GreggJ

    And why no naked bike category (which would include scramblers)? Why no cafe racer category? Heck, why no choppers (must be tens of thousands of those sitting in garages 🙂 ?

  • Gruf Rude

    Not worth wasting time on this buggy, superficial click bait.

  • novemberjulius

    My stable is vacant. D:

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Sportbike: Suzuki Bandit 1250S. Cruiser: Harley Softail Custom. Adventure: KTM 1190 R. Offroad: KTM 350 EXC-F (planned). Motocross: Not interested. Touring: Not interested.

    • spiff

      Now your making me wish list. Road bike is covered…naked…dirt not covered. Not realistic right now, but it would be a Husqvarna. FE450 or 501.

  • Deryl Clark

    Funny that you don’t list my bikes
    Italian bad ass. and Japanese intercontinental transport. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e6c030f78c324fec4a86e70508348547a1ad3af821adde478f9a7614f87d9f40.jpg

    • spiff

      Nice Guzzi.

    • John A. Stockman

      Beautiful line up there! Always have a fondness for Moto Guzzi!

  • Buzz

    BMW K1600GTL
    Moto Guzzi California 1400
    Yamaha Vino 125

  • Bill Waters

    My sweet ol’ Buell XB12S – Still pretty sporty, gets thumbs up cruising the strip,
    have done many touring miles, some actually off road, and has provided plenty of adventure. Motocross? No.

  • Vrooom

    Hmmm, Aprilia Tuono, Ducati ST4s, BMW K1200GT, V-Strom 1000, KLR 650, Concours 14, etc. What button to click?

    • TC

      The button that takes you to a different online motorcycle website.

  • schizuki

    I’ve got a sport-tourer and a standard. Guess they don’t rate.

    • toomanycrayons

      De-prioritization is a thing.

  • Goldenballs

    What happened to Retro

    • toomanycrayons

      It isn’t what it used to be?

  • TC

    You are missing some categories here. Dual Sport and Sport Touring. That would include my Suzuki DR650 and my BMW R1200ST.

  • JWaller

    5 bikes in my garage and none covered in this poll. No sport-touring, but I guess I could put the Sprint ST under Sportbike category. No dual-sport, but I guess a KLR650 could be considered an ADV bike. No standard category, but I guess a Scrambler could be considered a retro ADV bike (it’s not a damn cruiser). What about a Honda Nighthawk? It’s a standard that doesn’t really fit into any of the given categories (would have been good to put a standard category). And last of all, there is no farm-implement-masquerading-as-a-motorcycle category so there’s no place for my Ural.

    • throwedoff

      I’m with ya’! I have an ’06 DR650 that’s been lightly farkled and an ’06 Bonneville T100 that my dad gave to me when he hit 77 years old. He didn’t feel he could safely ride it any more and didn’t want it just sitting until he passed away. It’s a living inheritance. Every week when I talk to him he asks me if I’ve ridden it and how it is running. I had hell with it the first year as he had let it sit for over a year with fuel in the tank and the petcock open. I’ve had the float bowls off and the jets out more times than I can count and more times than I can too. Fortunately, I got the pilot jets cleared where it will idle and pull from idle without having to pull the carbs. The fuel he left in it was 10% ethanol, and it left behind a green coating on the inside of the float bowls that resemble zinc chromate paint. It wouldn’t scrub off. I finally resorted to some muratic acid (HCL) that reacted pretty violently with the green stuff! Glad I was outside in a decent breeze and it was only on the float bowls.

  • No sport tourer?

  • Gerardo Paz

    Naked (are you racist? jajja)

  • mugwump

    Which one? Gen 1 FJR, Gen 3 FJR, EX500 (ummm, that suspension is worth more than the bike), KLX 250 SF( that’s not a 250 anymore is it?)

  • benswing


  • Duane Kimball

    Where does a dual-sport fit in those choices?

    • throwedoff

      Apparently, we don’t count!

  • Robotribe

    Thruxton & Bonneville. So, “none of the above”.

  • Ken Evan

    Left a few out…naked, supermoto etc

  • Bmwclay

    Honda CT90
    (program doesn’t) work anyway)

  • Yango Ibanez

    Pretty much the most useless survey I’ve ever seen.

    Please fire the person responsible.

  • The Bikeryogi

    Naked, Retro-Classic, Scooter and very soon Dualsport

  • Michael

    Naked, naked, and naked

  • therr850

    I guess my ’08 Bandit 1250S w/accessory Givi bags is a sport tourer and my ’74 GT750 Waterbuffalo is a Standard. No place in the survey.


    Street Triple RS

  • E2Moto

    Where’s supermoto or dual sport? Whatever, voted Off-road.

  • John A. Stockman

    No “standard” or “naked”? That’s the majority of bikes that I’ve owned. One touring, no cruisers, even a Ural Tourist and Burgman 400. Still have my 1968 Honda Z50 that I got at the age of 9 in ’68. The older rigid rear-end model. Working on an early 70s Suzuki T100 2 stroke right now.

  • Bubba Blue

    Kind of a funny story … Yesterday I enjoyed the beautiful June weather riding a circle route to Madison and back. It has a lot of two lanes where you get to pass cars a lot. My Bandit with a few meaningful mods kind of RIPS, so It’s fun to pass two or three cars at time. (You have to pass in 5th gear because 4th is too scary). Well, I’d blown past two cars and I saw a third car that I thought I should put behind me before I came to the yellow “no passing ” line up ahead. Man, I was astride of car #3 and I must have been doing 114 when I saw “Sheriff” on the side of the car.

    Boy was that officer cool. He stopped me but he didn’t give me a ticket. He said he wasn’t really paying attention.

  • William Buffton

    I agree with Mark. While a Harley Davidson Dresser is a wonderful touring bike for the open road and reputed to be very comfortable, My BMWR1200Rt is able to do that with the added benefit of being to hunt apexes in the twisties. Also, the voting site would not allow me to input my choice,

  • wolzybk

    As with other people commenting, none of my bikes are on this poll. I have standards (Ducati Monster) and scooters.

  • mugwump

    2 sport tourers, 1 sport and a supermoto

  • Mathieu Rainville

    Standard. Poll fail.

  • Jeevan Chaukar

    What? No category for Naked Street Fighters! Despite being a very popular category? I ride Triumph Street Triple 675 ABS…