We’re not pointing fingers or making fun; riding at night presents a whole new set of challenges but we’re curious if you prefer avoiding night time motorcycle riding or if it doesn’t bother you.

Do you prefer to avoid night riding?

Yes – I prefer to avoid riding at night whenever possible.
Nope – Day or night doesn’t bother me.


  • slowtire

    The only thing that “makes the Victory Octane a Modern American Musclebike” is Polaris calling it that.

  • Kevin Duke

    “The guys at ‘Car Fix’ couldn’t have found a better challenger to go up against Lou’s Mustang.” Um…

    • John A. Stockman

      It’s only being built/modified to drag race, not to make sure it handles better. This is what happens when “car” guys do motorcycles, not much of a clue that the dynamic requires enough cornering clearance/lean angle so it goes around corners efficiently w/o trying to lever the tire off the tarmac or grind away hard parts. Also means decent suspension travel, front and especially rear, so you can actually ride it and not have your spine & tailbone pummeled. Zimmerman is a talented person and his fabrication skills are well known, he does terrific work. Stick with cars. I’ve seen the various attempts when these types of car shows try to do motorcycles, even shows that have spun off their own motorcycle shows. Surprisingly not one has ever lasted because they all think people want v-twins in choppers.