“Loud pipes save lives” and “the louder it is the faster it is” are all phrases you’ve probably heard before, but for a lot of people – particularly the non-riding public – loud exhausts prove to be obnoxious.  Which camp do you find yourself in?

How Do You Feel About Loud Exhaust Systems?

Great – I want people to hear me before they see me.
Annoyed – You can make horsepower without being obnoxiously loud.

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  • Mahatma

    If it’s within reason,I like aftermarket pipes which makes a moderate increase in noise and quality of that noise.Straight pipes just makes me want to shoot somebody 🙁

    • sgray44444

      ^ exactly

    • Born to Ride

      I’m with you, I like the sound and the weight savings of a nicely tuned and set up system. But Straight pipes are idiotic.

    • There Is No Utopia

      Please do, as long as it is the offender. No loss, IMO.

    • GrumpyCat

      Can’t agree “within reason”. There has to be some uniform standard permissible noise level, same for automobile and motorcycle. Then “mine is only a little louder because it sounds better” just doesn’t work. If others are not allowed the same noise emissions then why should you?

      • toomanycrayons

        The real freedom is in caring for others more than oneself. As you suggest, “I’m a little more special” is something people like that usually consider it wise to conceal, as long as possible. Who said, “TAX RETURNS?” I didn’t say TAX RETURNS!

  • blansky

    Anything that adds to a negative public perception of motorcyclists is in my opinion a bad idea. Perhaps its just the concept of manners. And isn’t this whole outlaw thing a bit juvenile.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      You are preaching to the choir. Try telling that to the outlaws.

      • TC

        Not really outlaws, just a bunch of weekend rider/posers. You can track it back to Harley’s ‘Tough Guy’ ad campaign.

        • Eric

          Race exhausts and slip ons on sportbikes are every bit as annoying as the loud pipes on cruisers. The public doesn’t discriminate on this, and neither should we.

  • Mark Mitchell

    Along with riding my motorcycle, I’ve been a 2,000+ mi / yr bicyclist for a decade or two. I know all about being vulnerable on the road.
    I am responsible for watching for the people trying to kill me. That does not justify my annoying everyone around me, including those who aren’t on the road and are no threat to me.
    If loud pipes save lives, let’s just ban all mufflers. If everybody’s loud, more lives saved, right?

    • Don Silvernail

      If your bicycle suddenly gets loud and obnoxious I promise I won’t get annoyed.

  • Thanks Racefit! We really didn’t need a fashion for silencers that are just a small straight through can. Loud pipes aren’t clever or funny, they’re just rude and selfish. Whatever happened to “taking the piss quietly and getting away with it”! (c Performance bike Magazine ~2005).

    Now thankfully, with a CAT under the engine, you don’t need much silencer behind that to keep noise down to rational levels.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      The cat is the first thing to go.

  • Dana Pellerin

    I’ve always liked a bike with a nice growl, but they don’t have to be earsplitting. These days I really tend to like my nice quiet Triumph stock pipes over my Victory with the V&H’s on it.

  • SRMark

    I bought a Star 1100 on which the previous owned had installed a Cobra exhaust. And he removed the baffles. That thing will bust your right eardrum outta yer head at freeway speeds under load. I installed a set of baffles and it’s still too loud. Wrapped them in thick FMF fiberglass packing. Still too loud. Gonna put a restrictor washer behind the baffle. Maybe that will work. I’m not talking just loud, this is painful. I love a nice V-twin rumble. This thing is an arrow through the head.

    • DickRuble

      Just get a brand new discarded muffler by one of the outlaw wannabe dentists for $25 and be done.

  • Ken Floyd Jr.

    Just like a stereo, should be loud enough to hear, but not so loud everyone has too.

    • toomanycrayons

      I think you just invented Exhaust Buds. Have them linked to engine revs and only hearable in your own head. The better models could offer different motor sounds, V Twins, Triples, Singles, even V-12 for a caged moment. Later on, they could be adapted to just sitting in a Lay-Z-Boy at The Home…

  • Starmag

    The only thing more annoying than straight pipes is juveniles who try to justify them with “safety”.

    • Death Trap

      I was riding down 405 in LA. Pulled off to pump gas. A driver who pulled into the Chevron also told me he nearly hit me had it not been for the fact that he heard me before switching into the carpool lane.

      The favor you can do for yourself is learn mathematics, namely statistics. Already know it? Great.

      You are implying a loud exhaust is as equally effective as a quiet exhaust. You must be reaping data from another planet with different atmospheric pressure? Not sure. But on planet Earth, the way our kinetic energy works here:

      A loud exhaust can only *increase the likelihood of presence by activating the auditory sense*. You must have had one too many head injuries if you think a loud exhaust is probably as attention-seeking as quiet exhausts.

      I am terrified that someone with your intellect is on two wheels. And, seemingly, has a Prius-sounding exhaust.

      • Starmag

        LOL. Thanks for making my point for me. Nice name calling.

        • Death Trap

          Are you high? Provide something of value besides LOL. Do you know what the function of a forum or discussion board is?

        • toomanycrayons

          “Btw I am AP for kinesiology and am currently researching the human pharmacology of ayahuasca.”-Death Trap


          Starmag, I think you have your answer: Walk. Walk. Quack. Quack?

          I’m not saying it’s true, I’m just telling you what I’ve heard:)

          Regarding LOUD PIPES, so-called/remembered encounters, and the “flow” of Delirium/Tea comments:

          “People taking ayahuasca report a wide range of experiences. Most say that within a few minutes of drinking the tea, they felt sick to their stomachs with waves of cramps, nausea and vomiting. For some, diarrhea also followed.

          After this passed, individuals felt a heaviness or lassitude in their bodies. Most said they were very weak or that their bodies felt heavy. They experienced waves of hallucinations, both auditory and visual.”


      • toomanycrayons

        “You are implying a loud exhaust is as equally effective as a quiet exhaust.”-“Joe Thornton”

        No, he’s actually saying exactly that. Put the stress in context on “effective.” And, there’s the “I am terrified” thing, again. Have you talked to anyone about it who cares? Your throttle hand doesn’t appear to be helping much.

        • Death Trap

          In all those words, you didn’t provide any relevant to the discussion.

          Why did you even open your mouth? Now we know you’re an idiot.

          • toomanycrayons

            “In all those words, you didn’t provide any relevant to the discussion”-Death Trap

            Nothing your could follow, apparently. Sad.

      • Willie

        In Utah, we don’t have a helmet law. The Harley types claim “loud pipes save lives.” That’s why they don’t wear helmets.

        Ironically, most of the motorcycle fatalities are the Harley/cruiser types with loud pipes. Helmets must cut off the blood to their brains.

        The “loud pipes” only impress like minded people. For the general public and the rest of the motorcycle riders in Utah, the “loud pipe” folks are obnoxious and do nothing to save lives.

  • allworld

    The actual note of some aftermarket exhaust is generally a bit deeper and stronger sounding than the OEM, but loud pipes are annoying.
    I can’t imagine riding a bike with straight pipes

  • Jason

    Loud pipes lose rights.

  • John B.

    As a lawyer, the ability to annoy people without having to open my mouth is a game changer!

    I disliked loud pipes until a couple weeks ago when I visited a Yamaha dealership. I was looking at a FZ-09 with modified exhaust when a salesman walked over, started the bike, and blipped the throttle a couple times. It was awesome!!! I’m a fan now!!!

  • Mark D

    Like everything, it all depends. I’ve got aftermarket pipes that weigh less and (allegedly) increase horsepower, and are probably slightly louder than stock. I like them. But straight pipes that set off car alarms are the devil.

    I love loud exhausts, but save them for the track or drag strip, not your Sunday morning run to the coffee shop!

  • TC

    72 percent annoyed. Yep. If you ride a Harley, and you want to distract attention from your tiny, limp penis, and your huge beer gut, loud pipes are the way to go.

    • Ellis Tomago

      Why is it that every time someone mentions Harleys and loud pipes, or jacked-up pickup trucks, or Lamborghinis, or any other kind of show-offy thing, someone has to talk about someone else’s penis?

      • TC

        Many years ago, my wife said that ‘whenever you see a jacked up, loud exhaust, tinted window pickup, you will see a short fat man get out of it.’ If men are secure in their masculinity, they don’t need to resort to attention getting behavior. Ergo, loud pipes = teeny dick.

        • wolfscout

          your wife needs to do her homework!

        • toomanycrayons

          I’ve only ever dated/married women who told me what I wanted to hear. How about you?

  • Steve McLaughlin

    Annoyed. No need and doesn’t help horsepower enough to offset being obnoxious. My dick is big enough.


    The throaty growl is highly desired most wanted. Loud is uncomfortable.

  • Goose

    I really wish whoever creates these polls would stop restricting the browser used. It wouldn’t work in Chrome or Safari but did work in Firefox. I’m guessing it was written for IE but since that hasn’t worked on a Mac for years.

  • Jayy Cee

    If loud pipes save lives, imagine what actually learning to ride would do.

    • Juliet Bravo

      Yes, that and riding sober.

      • E-Nonymouse A

        Also not riding with flip flops and a cut-off t-shirt. 🙂

    • you could be keith code, loud pipes would still save you. i hate ignorant folks that post stupid stuff. then wonder why someone pulled into your lane…. they didn’t know you were there, they couldn’t hear your ego.

    • Death Trap

      I can have both. Sounds like you have one too many head injuries.

    • Mike Wallette

      False dichotomy.

      In IT (I’m a network engineer), we have a saying: computer security isn’t a matter of on or off, yes or no; it’s a matter of degree. Motorcycle safety is the same. High-vis clothing improves safety. Learning to ride well improves safety. Wearing protective gear improves safety. And yes, having a bike that is loud enough to draw the attention of distracted drivers *ALSO* improves safety. I’m not saying Harley-with-straight-pipes-and-no-baffles loud, but some of the newer bikes with Euro 4-compliant exhausts are nearly silent, and that’s a very bad thing, IMHO.

  • Gruf Rude

    Wind noise alone will wipe out your hearing after a while (ask me about my $5K hearing aids). Do your ears a favor and minimize the noise.

    • Lewis

      Exactly. I am laughing at the electric bike riders who claim they can hear deer rustle in the underbrush while riding their cycles.

  • Neither camp. Loud enough that I can hear the lovely sound from my Akra through my earplugs when I roll on the gas, but not loud enough to rattle windows down the road.

    • Brent S

      Same here. If there was an option that said “Louder than stock but not loud enough to make everyone around hate you” I would have picked that.

  • Ellis Tomago

    Every time I hear a big twin rumbling down the road with straight pipes or a sport bike revving and sounding like some kind of giant mutant wasp, and I see the faces of others who have been subjected to that obnoxious noise, I say to myself,
    “Oh well, at least it isn’t rap music.”

  • WPZ

    No one wants to hear your motorcycle. No one.

  • Brian Cordell

    These polls don’t operate on my version of Chrome (Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit))

  • TrophyMike

    I ride a Triumph Trophy (ST bike) and just added an aftermarket slip-on with baffle removed. I like the deeper sound it produces and it did reduce the weight of the bike and added noticeable HP. My stock pipe measured 80 DB, the slip-on is around 83 DB, so not a lot louder but much deeper in sound! When rolling the throttle the bike is definitely louder and I like that sound but it isn’t close to the ear busting sound of straight pipes! I am a fan of the “slip-on without baffle” sound of street bikes but anything louder is an annoyance, IMHO.

    • There Is No Utopia

      Do us all a favor, and drink a few less beers and take weight off your bike that way instead…

  • Wonko_T_S

    I endorse this message…

    Full episode here (should work for most):

    • TC


  • There Is No Utopia

    Join the cause!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/438987639523563/

    The Hardly-Ableson crowd has made it so I cringe every time one of them blasts by at full throttle, which they do any time the see something breathing that they can try to impress. The police need to enforce the law and give these morons a nice, expensive fix-it ticket, with escalating fines for each successive violation, up to, including, confiscation.

    Loud bike = small d**k and low intelligence.

  • Old MOron

    One time my wife and I had ridden to lunch in Malibu. We ate at some outdoor tables and chatted with a family next to us. When we got up and walked to our bikes, their little girl covered her ears and began to cry. We both had (still have) stock exhausts, so the little girl ended up smiling as she waved us good-bye, but guys with loud pipes are assholes.


  • mikstr

    Nothing says mid-life crisis like some poser on a Hog spewing decibels from his straight pipes… wish they had a vaccine against that… and hey 32% think it`s ok to annoy the f**k out of everyone for their own little kick… so many little peepees……


    Shouldn’t the loud pipes be facing forward so as to warn oncoming traffic ” there’s a sickle a-comin’… ” Having them behind the bike only lets the people/cagers BEHIND the riders hear the loud obnoxious noise. Put a muffler on that thing.!!

  • wolfscout

    I’ve been run of the road because an idiot entered the highway and jump right over to the inside lane, where I was. I truly believe loud pipes would have made a difference. Just sayin’

    • PaulScott58

      Your horn would serve the same purpose and it would only be loud when used, not all the time like loud pipes.

  • Bubba Blue

    I don’t care for them generally, but they do serve to defeat the power loss that comes with quieter pipes on new bikes.

    But on a big V-Twin Harley, I get a headache from my own loud pipes if I’m wearing a helmet, because helmets resonate with loud V-Twins, for some reason.

    I’m maybe getting a new Harley, but I’m leaving probably the exhaust stock.

  • Don Silvernail

    How loud are we talking about here? Jet engine loud or 1969 650 Bonneville loud?

  • Eric

    I really don’t see why most of the ire is directed at cruiser riders here; where I live, most of the sportbikes have aftermarket exhausts, and they’re just as loud. Different frequencies, perhaps, but just as intrusive. This problem is NOT limited to HD’s and cruisers, folks! Your neighbors won’t care what type of bike you ride when they vote for noise ordinances banning bikes. It’s happened before…

  • WGB1944

    I’ve had what I though were loud mufflers(bubs). After retiring from Rock in K-town, we moved to AR. I pulled my trailer behind my bike and when I made it Arkansas, I couldn’t hear for 2 days. I put stock mufflers back on and only hear the intake of air on two 40mm carboraters. Rode up to Beaverdam,Ohio for a benefit ride of downed rider. I got stuck next to a harley that had down pipes(straight). Man was that loud and it was the last trip to Beaverdam for a benefit. If the other guy wants loud? Have at it, I’m not riding close to it.

  • Rick Holtsclaw

    As a retired law enforcement officer who enforced motor vehicle noise laws with fervor due to the exponential rise of this abusive behavior in our society, the following article articulates exactly how I “feel” about LOUD Motorcycles in particular:

    See: The Truth about Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t Tell You: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2016/03/10/the-truth-about-loud-motorcycles-the-police-wont-or-cant-tell-you/


  • GrumpyCat

    Motorcycles should be seen, not heard.

  • olajoe808

    You guys need one more option. Middle of the road. I like my pipes ninja quite for the midnight runs. But on the other hand you can’t show up to a harley rally if your bike is sounding like a moped. Ever hear a kz1000 kerker uncorked. The sound of that 40 year old bike will make you feel like you’re riding for the first time again.

  • Gruf Rude

    Well, the survey doesn’t really work, but Joe Bob Thornton sure sparked some great commentary before he disappeared. . ..

    • toomanycrayons

      “…but Joe Bob Thornton sure sparked some great commentary before he disappeared…”-Gruf Rude

      Interestingly, another similarly “confused” poster has “suddenly” emerged, upon Joe’s departure, spouting much the same incoherent nonsense. He claimed, 7 months ago, to have an interest in ayahuasca. I’m assured by various techies that identity switching…can happen, as well.

      I’m not saying it’s true. I’m just telling you what I seen:

      “Btw I am AP for kinesiology and am currently researching the human pharmacology of ayahuasca.”-Death Trap



      “…individuals felt a heaviness or lassitude in their bodies. Most said they were very weak or that their bodies felt heavy. They experienced waves of hallucinations, both auditory and visual.”


  • E-Nonymouse A

    Really dislike loud vehicles period, no excuse for it.

  • ecodweeb

    I’m a new rider, my spouse and I share a Zero SR electric motorcycle (essentially silent, 60 in 3.3 seconds). While I was shopping for gear, the old Harley guy at the shop told me “look, kid, high viz and loud pipes aren’t going to save you. What will save you is being aware of the bimboboxes around you.” I look forward to our transportation options getting quieter with electrification. We’ve literally sold three of these motorcycles because the wife said “it won’t wake me up.”

    • toomanycrayons

      Which anxiety is replaced by range anxiety?

  • Bob Coco

    When driving in a car with a radio on like most people, you can’t hear a motorcycle until it’s right next to you. When the exhaust is pointing away, even loud bikes can barely be heard. Loud pipes really serve no purpose. I’ve never had a really loud bike because I don’t like the noise anyway but since riding my new electric bike, I actually feel safer because I can actually hear everything going on around me, a car coming around a corner, kids playing, a deer crashing thru the brush, everything.

    • Allan MacLeod

      As a biker with bikers running loud pipes behind me regularly, I disagree with the “you can’t hear them coming up from behind you” statement. They’re obnoxious, but you can hear a Toce exhaust on a Yamaha R1 from at least a city block and a half behind you. If you’re paying close attention, you can even figure out which lane they’re in.

      • Bob Coco

        No one rides yamahas where I live. The so-called loud bikes are ridden by guys who claim Loud Pipes Save lives, yet they ride bobbers with no brakes, no helmets or toy compliance helmets, and short sleeve shirts. I guess they aren’t too worried about saving lives, huh.

        • Allan MacLeod

          Those are two different categories though – avoiding accidents and surviving accidents. Pipes are for avoiding accidents, and ATGATT is for surviving them. Yes, people should ride ATGATT, but not riding ATGATT doesn’t mean you want texting drivers to sideswipe you.

  • Tom Grew

    A rider with loud pipes, tells my that that rider is saying F*** Y** to my rights for peace and quiet and the ability to listen to my music,listen to family and friends and enjoy the natural sounds of the environment. Do here is saying back at you “loud pipes”.

  • PaulScott58

    I ride a 2017 Zero SR with 0-60 time of 3 seconds flat. No one can hear me coming at all. I ride all over the LA region, lane splitting with no problems, because I ride defensively. When in dicey situations, my thumb is on the horn button and I don’t hesitate to give warning when needed.

    If you folks with loud pipes are too scared to ride in traffic without making a lot of noise all the time, then maybe the bus is a better option for you. Just don’t lie to us that loud pipes are a safety issue. You have a horn. Learn how to use it.

  • Gary Summer

    It seems, everyone is conflating two different views, or three different bikers.
    There are those who make their exhaust loud, because they believe in the phrase, Loud pipes save lives. There is a theoretical possibility that this could happen. Sound, can attract attention, and if nothing else, it lets everyone know they are near. (Please consider more than just the freeway where sound does not permeate the area like slower roads.) If you are rolling down 40MPH America with stores and driveways and fast food and distractions for those who are inattentive, Letting those drives know that a bike is around, could actually save their lives. Since the person, does not get hurt. No one knows how many would have been side-swiped.
    Then there is the guy who realizes that the government required noise suppression system is not conducive to increasing the speed. To make a bike go a little faster, or display a bit more torque, one of the cheapest things to do is to change the exhaust and re-jet the fuel system. Though most visualize a Harley, there was an old Japanese aircraft mechanic named “Pops” who made a pretty decent living making Kawasaki’s and Suzuki’s go really fast. So the second biker is the tuner.
    Thirdly, there is the egotistic poser who just wants to be seen and between duct taping a Boom-Box on his bars and a noisy exhaust. This goofball just wants attention. This rider is the only one I could even possibly feel any disdain for. Mostly though, I just feel pity.

  • Bownse

    Loud pipes cost rights.

  • Wayward_Voyager

    I’m shocked! More people voted against loud pipes than for? Unbelievable. I never thought so many people would agree with me.

  • W Donald

    I don’t have a problem with aftermarlet exhaust systems unless they are obnoxiously loud , but the bigger issue is how the vehicle is used , ridden responsibly a bike with an aftermarket exhaust will not offend , but ride like an idiot pulling maximum rpm everywhere and it will definitely be a problem . I live in a security complex and my neighbours don’t hear me leaving in the mornings , and that is with an aftermarket exhaust .

  • throwedoff

    My dad, who is hearing impaired, bought an ’06 Triumph Bonneville T100. He quickly removed the stock “peashooter” exhaust and installed a set of D&D’s Bonneville megaphones. To me they sound great for a minute, but they are really too loud. They are so loud they I either have to wear ear plugs or my ear buds when riding the bike (at 81 he doesn’t feel safe riding any more due to problems with spatial orientation). He doesn’t think they are loud at all, but of course he can’t hear them as well as people with normal hearing. I really love the exhaust note. I just wish there was a way to reduce the volume. My home town is beginning to enact more noise ordinances, and I am restricted from riding in some areas of the city. I have the Two Brothers M7 system on my DR650. It has inserts that fit into the end cap of the muffler that reduce the decibel output of the exhaust. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any machinists willing to modify the end caps of the Bonneville’s megaphones (just a light milling operation) and machine decibel reducers to fit inside the end caps. Any ideas?

  • dave aho

    If loud bikes save lives how come you don’t see all the Bmw, Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki riders laying on the road after a accident?

  • grenades and bassani road rage on my bikes… loud and proud. i don’t need anyone to agree with me… i know they’ve saved me many times.

    • toomanycrayons

      “i don’t need anyone to agree with me.”-Tony, from River City Miami

      Why do you care so much that everyone knows, then?

      • WHY DO YOU CARE?

        • toomanycrayons

          Having LOUD PIPES runs against the hugely successful human strategy of shared intersubjective realities which separate us from other animals. It’s the reason we rule the world. So-called “individualism” is a solipsistic/Narcissistic myth. Without a shared mutual agreement/approval-acknowledgement-whore Ponzi, you are just noise in the wind. Every time you twist your throttle you simply become Sally Fields in her “You LIKE ME..You LIKE ME” moment. I thought you knew.


  • Death Trap

    Why doesn’t MotoGP bikes have Prius-like exhausts for you fanny-pack wearing sissies?

    Oh, because it’s a race-bike, on a course. Right-so we agree loud exhausts are natural territory of performance, right? Hopefully you haven’t hit your head on the ground too many times to agree with that. Now to the next issue-brace your teddy bears and Kleenex boxes for this one:

    The road isn’t a race-track. My bike isn’t god-damn MotoGP spec. Most people don’t like annoyingly loud HD’s. Yeah, we get it. Fair assessment.

    Other than that, we can have a loud exhaust, while not ripping around town in traffic exploding people’s eardrums, while also having our performance.

    Have anyone of you dim-wits considered that? No, because most riders are hard-headed, narrow-minded fools who thought the American dream was worth pursuing. I can’t speak reason to a wall, can I.

    • Glen A Dunzweiler

      Fanny pack sissy here,
      I don’t quite know what you are saying. You want your performance and therefore it has to be loud. Is that what you are saying?

      Sorry. I guess I hit my head too many times. It’s OK though, because I have my Teddy and some Kleenex.

    • toomanycrayons

      So, you’ve become a recycled “Guest” in your own mind?

    • toomanycrayons

      “I can’t speak reason to a wall, can I.”

      That would seem to be the point of a LOUD WALL OF SOUND exhaust, wouldn’t it? Your performance comment is simply a ruse. Your expressed contempt for the Prius sound says it all…FULL BLAT!

  • Rick Holtsclaw

    Here are the facts…
    (1) Federal Law restricts “total” motorcycle noise emissions to a respectfully quiet 80 dB(A) (1986-production year forward) “total” motorcycle noise emissions as per the SAE J331a Full-throttle drive-by testing procedure.
    (2) The U.S. EPA restricted motorcycle noise emissions, beginning in 1983, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2575f19768c360db7a2c662c4d5bc6a8c15c43464cb968dcc252eec078ec10d.jpg out of a concern for the health and welfare, the quality of life of the general public.
    (3) It is a violation of Federal law to tamper with or remove the OEM, factory-installed muffler unless that muffler is replaced with another muffler meeting the acoustical dampening characteristics of the original, factory-installed muffler.
    (4) The original muffler, or one duplicating the acoustical qualities of the original muffler, is to remain on the motorcycle for the LIFE of the motorcycle…no if and or but…just a fact.
    (5) 46 of 49 State muffler laws contain statutory-elements that mirror the protective intent of the Federal Law.
    (6) Local and State Law Enforcement is directly responsible for ensuring that every street-use motorcycle maintains the quiet, factory-installed muffler on said motorcycle for the “life” of the motorcycle…law enforcement has failed the American public for some 30-years.
    (7) Fact is, honorable “men,” patriots, philanthropists, Christians, don’t modify a motor vehicle to make illegal noise then proceed out onto a public roadway and use that noise as an instrument of assault against children, the elderly, the handicapped or our families…this is the behavior of a narcissistic-bully-thug!

  • toomanycrayons

    Just in case some don’t feel the LOUD biker love, a cautionary tale from Pasadena on the subject:


    “Think about this the next time your neighbour peels back the bedroom curtains when you fire up your bike on a Sunday morning

    AN ARGUMENT between two neighbours over a loud motorcycle turned deadly in Pasadena, Texas on Wednesday.

    One of the men involved, Chris McLain, confronted his neighbour after getting tired of him riding his loud custom motorcycle across his front lawn when he came home from work at around 4.30am each morning.

    Things turned nasty when McLain’s motorcycle riding neighbour stabbed him. McLain responded by choking his motorcycle-riding neighbour to death.”


  • Margaret P. Clarke

    As a Safety Manager I sat on the board making the rules for Army motorcyle riders, example..how many reflective pieces, boots, helmet etc. A study was conducted of what keeps riders alive and out of accidents…you guessed it LOUD PIPES. Not how many reflective pieces, not a loud horn just LOUD PIPES. Unfortunately the board members weren’t riders so they didn’t get that all the other stuff is then just harrassment. The military is now embracing riders which is a long time coming. Now I make sure I have Cobra Swept pipes with baffles OUT. W

    • toomanycrayons

      “A study was conducted of what keeps riders alive and out of accidents…you guessed it LOUD PIPES.”-Margaret P. Clarke

      Link, please? After the programming code for National Security Agency hacking tools was shared online recently, guessing, based on authority, isn’t what it used to be.

  • John A. Stockman

    Wow, so many deleted comments. Lover or hater of loud exhaust. Someone talked about atmospheric physics. Physics of how sound propagates. I design from scratch and construct loudspeakers for 2-channel music and home theater since 1977. Sound moves out from a source in distinct patterns, whether it’s from the end of an exhaust pipe or from a driver (woofer, tweeter, etc.). A flat baffle will change how it propagates and the frequencies, high or low, move in different patterns. You can measure this with a polar plot and will see exactly how sound moves. People are still getting killed/injured by trains every year. Who couldn’t hear a train? Maybe they had headphones/ear buds on, but if it’s behind you, even without those things, you won’t hear it as easily. Look at what drivers of emergency vehicles have written. Most of the things that can harm you on your bike will come from the front and about 90 degrees from center to the right/left. Lots of anecdotal evidence about if-it-wasn’t-for-my-loud-pipes-that-driver-would-have-hit-me, etc. Studies have been done that disprove that. I’m a student of the physics of sound and how it radiates from the source, I have to be to do my job. It determines how well a loudspeaker performs, is it transparent, does it image well, and other aspects. I can only control what I do, and my choice is not believe anecdotal evidence, nor piss off those that don’t ride and never will. Those are the first people to call local officials and complain. We all know what that leads to. If a loud exhaust keeps you safe, you’re saying a loud sound/noise is what does it, so why not get one of those Fiamm units and just tape your horn button down? No? Well there’s the answer. The logic fails me, but I can’t make determinations about how others think/feel based on how I think/feel.

    • toomanycrayons

      “If a loud exhaust keeps you safe, you’re saying a loud sound/noise is what does it, so why not get one of those Fiamm units and just tape your horn button down?”-John A. Stockman

      They’re saying that “feeling” noticed in their own minds, as a function of imaginary tribal metrics, is “being” noticed in others’. All such faith projection is circular reasoning (David Hume/Popper, I think). The Flamm suggestion has no emotional/identity connection payoff, and therefore fails as an ontology.

      Intermittent Flamm use would require a self-editing, situation-dependent element, and have no positive tribal identity caché. The constant Flamm is too much the desperate stuck-in-traffic commuter meme to make the tribe squirm its projection approval.

      Loved your physics facts, btw. Surely, they warrant a more robust opinion of your “think/feel” determination abilities?

  • Jon Jones

    ” How Do You Feel About Loud Pipes?”


    • toomanycrayons

      Not surprising. Having the BIGLEY/LOUDEST PIPE is the meme.

  • J Bram

    I hope that riders that are annoyed by loud pipes are equally annoyed when driving their cars. It simply means you NOTICED!!! Thank You!!!

  • Bownse

    Loud pipes are fucked up.