Tires play a pretty important role in motorcycling. Yet, some riders really don’t care what they put on their motorcycle as long as they hold air reliably. At the other extreme, we’ve heard racers discussing tire compounds using terminology you’d expect to from a wine aficionado rather than a couple sweaty guys standing on the side of a race track, wearing brightly-colored leathers. So, where do you fall on the tire spectrum? Are you a bargain shopper, a habitual buyer of the same tire for years, or do you play the field, chasing after the latest nubile rubber creation just hitting the market?
Let us know, below.

  • DickRuble

    Barely legal tires. Another ill conceived survey that is also meaningless to the readers.

    • Evans Brasfield

      Thank you for the love, Dick.

      • Johnny Blue

        Ouch! This sounded like “You’re a dick, Dick!” only nicely worded! :))

  • Mark555055

    Only hypersport tires, i want the best grip i can get. Bridgestone S2* tires in particular, and i’m on the s21s currently.

  • Kingsix87

    I look for tires that offer good grip in wet and don’t wear out too quickly with slower paced riding. I am currently using Heidenau K64 on the rear and something similar from the same manufacturer at the front. When I bought them, I was actually looking for Pirelli Sport Demon, but these were in stock and were 1/3 cheaper. So far I have put 15 000 km on them and they show very little wear. Maybe I will need to change them for being old before they are worn out. No problems in wet, but I am very careful then.

  • Starmag

    My current tires after a hard run have “earthy tones” and have some notes that smell like a “warm early autumn with hints of fruit. ” This is especially true if I’ve just over cooked a corner and have run wide into the orchard.

  • spectralsarah

    Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC or Diablo Superbike, as rules permit, in SC1 or SC2 compound.

  • Campisi

    Whatever’s cheap, Shinkos and the like. Once I admitted to myself that 99% of my riding is slabbing it to work and back, rather than strafing canyons or exploring the wilderness, paying double for the high-end rubber didn’t make sense anymore.

  • Born to Ride

    Pilot Road 4 for my daily riders, Dunlop Q3s for my play bikes. Until the next best thing comes out….

  • 12er

    Im in search of my next set. My Metz Z8’s front tires burn off so quick on my multi. First bike / tire that the fronts go twice as fast as the back.

    • Old MOron

      You must use your front tire like Marquez! 🙂

      • 12er

        I do carry a lot of corner speed, not much for braking into turns and Im pretty heavy. The multi is so much easier in the turns than my old K but much lighter and I dont feel like Im pushing it as hard. Granted I ran z6’s on the bmw and first time on the z8’s. Shop is recommending Angel GT’s so may go that route or Michelins next. 2800k on a sport touring front it shoudlnt be bald.

        • Old MOron

          Only 2800k? Might as well mount a sport tire up front.
          I know a guy who really likes the Angel GT’s, but Pirelli and Metzeler are basically the same company. I wonder how different their tires are.

          • 12er

            Yeah… hence my surprise, Ive burned off 2, on my 3rd only due to the rear having about half tread. Figured I’d keep them matched until the back goes then go fish. I hated the spyders or whatever the Multi comes with so Im leary to go the Angel GT route. But the owners running pilot sports say the sipes wear and cup so not sure what Im going with…

          • Mahatma

            Some people know how to talk.Thought you knew that by now old man;)

          • Old MOron

            I’m a slow learner.

    • Born to Ride

      I had that problem with BT-016s on my SV650. Those fronts stuck like glue though. All the way to the bitter end at 1500 miles…

  • Wes Janzen

    Whatever is rated best in the motorrad magazine tests for sport touring tires. Also, what feels good in the rain, so that’s been the Pilot Road series for a while now. I’ve been on Road 4 rear and Pilot Power/Pure for a while now; the Road 4 front just isn’t stable enough for spirited riding and hard braking on my ST3. I’ve tried other tires but always end up back on this combination.

  • mackja

    After trying multiple brands over the years I have settled on Dunlop, Q3’s for the street, N-Tec slicks for the track. They are just an amazing tire, feel, grip, and response are great. My bikes have the stiffest chassis in the industry, combined with the stiff side wall of the Dunlop I get great feed back. For me they are cream of the crop!!

  • Douglas

    Whatever the OEM brand/series came on the bike new, provided they lasted a while and haven’t been discontinued.

    • Old MOron

      Thumbs up. But I would add: provided they don’t cost too much.

  • JMDonald

    Michelin road pilots. My last set of sticky Dunlops was back in 2006.

  • Jay F

    My VStrom – Mich Pilot Power Road 4 Trails
    Wife’s VStrom – Anakee 3’s

  • mugwump

    On which bike? PR4 GT on the FJR. Because rain.

  • john phyyt

    Car tires !

  • Rob Alexander

    KTM 990 SMT – PR4, and will probably replace with same or Metz 7RR.
    KTM 690 SMR – Q3s, will probably change to Metz 7RRs due to rear Q3 being too wide and hits chain (160 is more like a 175)
    Victory Judge – Michelin Commander 2, think I’ll try something else due to not-great straight line stability and probably get a 150/80-16 instead of 140/90 rear.

  • Brian Fox

    I like my touring tires middle of the road that gets the most mileage. On my Honda St 1100

  • ADB

    Conti Motions. Two for the price of one.

  • Ellis Tomago

    Kenda. Good enough for me, and cheaper than Michelins or Dunlops.

  • webheadwilks

    Pirelli Angel GT+