Give a guy a bunch of random dirtbike parts, mix in a little creativity, and sprinkle with some southern-fried ingenuity, and his motorcycle might look a lot like this. No, this isn’t something out of a new Mad Max movie, and, yes, it actually runs. Surprisingly well, in fact. The two-stroke exhaust stack is probably our favorite part, although the bike’s skid plate is also quite amusing.

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  • SRMark

    Nice pants

  • Butch Schultz

    Slow news day.

    • Lynchenstein

      Thank goodness for slow news days!

  • Mahatma

    That is just pure awesomeness!

  • Craig Hoffman

    Love the bike balls….

    • throwedoff

      Sorry, those are boobs. You need to get out more!

  • Alex Bub

    Now bolt some 17’s on and go Supermoto. Sell that front end to a chopper fan to parade at Sturgis. Don’t ever do this to a 2-stroke again! My KDX200 is hiding under the bed from you.