• Jon Jones

    Very, very nice piece.

  • Old MOron

    “They extended this offer not having the vaguest idea if I could write. I accepted this offer not having the vaguest idea if I could write. Rob, my boss, said yes, wished me luck in a, ‘How can you keep them down on the farm,’ sort of way, and couldn’t care less if I could write. I think he just wanted his legislative affairs specialist back in one piece.”

    Brilliant! Auspicious beginnings. I love how life can work.

    “Use your head, but follow your heart.”

    Aye, and if you’re lucky you’ll meet people like Greg along the way.

  • Emptybee

    Shocked to learn of Greg’s passing. I worked with Greg, Bill, Rob and a cast of other great characters at the AMA in Westerville in the mid-to-late ’80s

  • Gee S

    I’ve been looking for my own Greg Harrison my entire working life. Haven’t found him or her yet.
    Count your manifold blessings every day, Chris.


    Lives well lived. Motorcycle lives. It truly is a brotherhood.

  • claysmell

    Chris this is just a really great article, partly because when I joined the AMA and started getting the magazine, it was Greg Harrison at the helm. Thank you for sharing.

  • vastickel@gmail.com

    Well done Chris. A great tribute for one of my personal motorcycle heroes. You captured the essence of the person I was acquainted with very capably. Though I didn’t know the man intimately, used to see him on irregular occasions at AMA headquarters, or numerous AMA events. Obviously, before they irresponsibility “cleaned house”. I too, envied the fact that he- a quintessential and devout motorcycle guy, managed to make a living at his passion. I thoroughly enjoyed ( and learned) from our brief conversations, as well as his wisdom gleaned from his writings. It didn’t seem to hurt when I realized his leanings and fondness for various types of bikes apparently were in sync with my own. The motorcycle world in general will be diminished with his passing, and thank you for articulating your remembrances. I believe Greg is nodding in agreement!

  • Hoof Harted

    I enjoyed Greg’s columns in American Motorcyclist.

    Once the magazine published an article on new helmets, and I wrote asking which of them was safest. I received a long. friendly letter from Greg addressing my question. He explained how helmets were tested to the different standards. His advice boiled down to “Buy a helmet that is comfortable, take care of it and always wear it.” A personal letter from the Vice-President of the AMA.

    I am very sorry to hear of his passing.

  • therr850

    Sorry to hear of his passing. Hope it was peaceful. Haved enjoyed his articles and the knowledge he passed along. Rest in peace Greg. Condolences to his family.