I don’t know if when Honda puts a motorcycle in a crate it expects it to stay in there for 37 years, but whoever buys this 1980 still-in-the-crate CBX1000 off of Craigslist will pay handsomely to find out how good the state of post-manufacture suspended animation was in 1980.

A black 1980 CBX is what’s supposed to be in the crate.

It looks like things have gotten a bit damp at some point during all those years, and it looks plenty dusty inside there too. Still, the bike’s covered in plastic, hopefully well slathered in Cosmoline and whatever on the insides, and well, who knows?

The ad on Los Angeles Craigslist doesn’t say much, beyond:

For Sale Honda1980 CBX1000 new in factory crate.
No scammers and no price diggers. Send legit offers
Don’t waste my time with deals or trades.
Cash Only on final sale !!!!
Picture is Honda promotional brochure.
Item is located in New York

Do we detect a whiff of projection as the seller rails on about scammers, price diggers, cash only, exclamation points and wasted time? Who knows? What’s obvious by omission in the ad is where this crate came from, and how it arrived in its box 37 years later?

If you buy it, please invite MO and Geraldo Rivera over for the official unveiling, errr, uncrating.


  • Donnie

    I have a 1980 CBX that has been parked since 1987. Like new! Or maybe more like ridden hard and put away wet. I really should do something with it.

    • Donna

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    The Geraldo mention is pure genius.

    • john burns

      that or just another chunk of plastic swirling in the vast empty Pacific that’s my late Boomer ROM. Or is that RAM?

      • SerSamsquamsh

        Don’t you have your most precious moments recorded on a reel to reel?

        • StripleStrom

          Edison wax cylinder

  • Alaskan18724

    Dadgummit. Rackumfrackum. Want.

  • Eric

    It’s listed in the NYC ad for $50K. There’s an ’81 in Philly w/ fairing and 62 orig miles for $11K. https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/mcy/d/1981-honda-cbx-1100/6382819262.html

    I’d go Philly and spend the other $40K on a loooong vacation.

    • Cami

      Don’t bring cash…but do bring a gun.

  • Starmag

    I loves me some CBX. One of the most beautiful bikes and engines ever made IMO. The problem is if you’re really going to ride it as intended, you have to risk trashing the very expensive to replace engine or mount ugly crash bars.

  • Alaskan18724

    The most beautiful engine ever made. Hands down. Maybe not the most practical or the best all-around, but the most beautiful, and I’ve always coveted one. Jewelry.

  • Matt O

    Sounds like this guy is tired of getting trade offers of broken metric cruisers from the 90’s and riding mowers. Not to mention the direct to voicemail messages from some phone bot named Paul who’ll “guarantee the sale of your car for $49.99 or your money back”. Posting to clist has become tedious. OTOH I’d love a CBX, the sound of that i6 at full song is bliss.

    • HeDidn’tWeDid

      I have sold several motorcycles on Cycle Trader and I almost always get that call from ‘Paul’ offering to help me sell my ride….like, why do you think I am on Cycle Trader?

  • michael folk


  • Ron Zu

    Kind of like the naked version of a BMW K1600.

    • wolzybk

      If BMW was to build such a bike, a K1600R,I would buy one.

  • Roger Proctor

    Funny… it is now for sale in Los Angeles too! How many of these are out there???

  • Andrew Capone

    I got nothing out of the last vault, so…

  • TC

    Probably washed ashore from the 2011 Japanese Tsunami.

  • jeff benson

    Buy nothing you don’t see first hand.

  • wolzybk

    When my long term motorcycle dealer retired a few years ago (at the age of 89, after being in business in the same location since 1953), one of the treasures from the attic was a 1975 Norton Commando, new in crate. I think he got more than $40K for it.