• blake

    looks like the pics were taken with a phone..

    • Correct, “…images on his pheromone-soaked portable device.” I was here in a business capacity, but figured our readers might also enjoy some bonus coverage, so I snapped these on my cell between meetings. I’ll gladly issue a full refund of your 2014 subscription if this additional content has caused difficulty with your vision. -Sean

      • frankfan42

        Lovely ladies are always welcome, and your phrase is pretty cool as well. Thanks for sharing the booth professionals for those of us who did not get to attend.

      • Old MOron

        The real reason you had to use your phone is that your wife was with you, and you had to take the pics on the sly. It’s okay. We understand. And we appreciate your efforts!

        I’ve got dibs on the girl on the Repsol bike!

  • GS1100GK

    So, did my eyes deceive me or is the HD XR1200 still sold in Europe or was that some old footage? Just asking…

  • armyvet05

    I look forward to the day when women are people and riders rather than things on “display”.

    • kobo

      Of course they’re people…They make the sammiches…

    • old school

      seriously?. These girls are models and paid for their time. Stop being a fun Nazi and go crawl back under your rock. If you don’t like it don’t look. simple.

  • Nicko MOTOfc


  • Online User

    I must admit I look at the bike before I look at the girl……..I must be gettin’ old

    • offline user

      Bikes…..what bikes

  • JMDonald

    It is a good thing to look at a beautiful woman. Objectification to a certain extent is acceptable. Glad to see there is a healthy male perspective at MO. Keep up the good work

  • James Boyles

    A lot more class then shows in the US. No black leathers, patched vests and tattoos nor naked women. Lots of suits and riders clad in real riding gear.