Fonzie Shoots Daytona Beach 2006

I spent Daytona in the trenches... not watching the Supercross with Scott Russell or having dinner after the 200 with Jake Zemke, Yvonne & Miguel DuHamel and the rest of Team Honda, no sir, that was Sean. I was on Main street every    night. Not for the booze, but for the bikes.... thousands if not millions of them. Parading by as they have been for decades - its a tradition and you just have to do it.

The sea of bikes wasn't just on Main street, but everywhere you went, from ice cream parlors in Deland to historic landmark lighthouses in St. Augustine and Ponce Point to backwoods swampland. I tried to see them all and the biggest lesson leNow that's what MO calls a get-off! arned at my first ever Bike Week, you'll never see it all! Given perhaps 10 or 20 years of attending you might think you'd seen everything, but then something like the outhouse bike comes along, or a custom show bike with Lucite rims and valve covers... that's right, you can see directly into the tires as well as watch the valves clatter - if there was oil in the system - its a show bike and has probably never run, but damn if it isn't a striking thing to see. 

I witnessed Zemke completing his Daytona 200 podium pack - a second, then third, and lastly this year's first place trophy to complete his set. And I saw more than a few girls over dressed for the hot weather and just dying to get out of those bikinis. Florida in March is a wonderful place, no matter what kind of biker/motorcyclist you are... dirt riders, squids, drunks, superbikers, drag racers, crusiers, angels from hell or virgins like me. We all came together to bear witness to the 65th annual event and surely all went home smiling.

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