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Beasley's Honda Suzuki Yamaha Reviews Write A Review

Jon (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 24, 2012
I took my ATV here about 3 weeks ago and I was very displeased with the results. The ATV didn’t t have a fuel leak, antifreeze leak, or a broken choke lever prior to me bringing it there. They also installed and charged me for a new battery for which I didn’t request, and then during pick up was told I wasn’t charged for the install, Really you actually charge for a battery install, WOW. I called to check on the status and was told that I needed some new parts, OK, cool. I was also informed that the carbs needed to be cleaned which would cost around 300 dollars, and that it was leaking fuel, for which I declined those services. During the same phone call I asked what the out the door price was going to be to include the parts, and labor minus tax, and was told around 400 dollar range over the phone. Ok, cool. I received a call maybe a week later if that to let me know that my ATV was ready for pick up. I went to pick up on Friday and I talked to the service technician and he gave me a low down of what all was done and that I still would need to get the carbs cleaned and that it leaked fuel. So after telling me the low down takes me over to the front desk where you have to pay at, I end up waiting for about 15-20 min. for some guy to get me rung up so I can pay. He told me it was going to cost me 600 dollar range and some change. I was already pretty angry at this point having to wait and now being told that it was this much just made me even angrier, so I asked why was it this much now and not what I was told, he said he did not know and couldn’t t look at the list of charges until I paid, (OK B.S. on that you should be able to tell me the list of charges and what those charges are for) so I told myself screw it, I m selling it anyway and will just include those charges into the cost to buy my ATV. I get it home I unload it, and noticed it was leaking antifreeze and not just fuel. I fixed this by readjusting the hose and getting new hose clamps. That Thursday 6 days after I picked it up it did not start right up and when I tried to adjust the choke I noticed it moved freely as opposed to their being some resistance, I checked and the lever was broken, and the choke line was not in the lever housing. I took it back to them the next day after calling the morning of and was told to bring it back and that they d take a look, still waiting. As of right now I recommend everyone stay away from this place, they do not run a honest business and I've already been hearing negative reviews of them after having took it there the first time. You’re better off going somewhere else that runs an honest business without the bait and switch move. And yes I know should’ve checked to make sure the ATV worked before leaving but didn’t t. I will give them one thing though they are professional in keeping their composure when I was being rude about bring up the being lied too, and this that and the other. I wish I could give them zero stars but you have to at least put one. I will update with another review after I hear back from them. Hopefully they'll make this right.