We now come to the upper echelon of our holiday gift guide, for those who are just rolling in cash and are willing to spend it on a loved one who’s the hardest of hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts. We’ve looked at gift ideas for different budgets up to $1,000, but what if you want to give something even more extravagant, and have the means to do so?

This may have been the hardest list to compile in our gift guide. It’s much easier when you’re working with a limited budget but much more difficult when the sky’s the limit – instead of our bank account! And it’s not exactly like we’re – as the kids say these days – the Cristal, Maybach, diamonds-in-your-timepiece kind of people here at Motorcycle.com. But oh, can we dream!

Sure, we could easily just fill this list with any 10 different motorcycles, as even a decades-old used Harley-Davidson will more than qualify for this price bracket. We did include some motorcycles on this list, but decided to focus on the truly exotic and rare two-wheeled treasures the industry has to offer. But we also looked at other gift ideas that we feel a motorcycle fanatic would love to see under the tree.