2. Loud Helmets Save Lives


So, you may grok that brightly colored clothing will get you noticed out on the road, but you’ve invested in all kinds of riding gear that you don’t want to give up. How do you make yourself painfully obvious to anyone near you while still getting to enjoy your black leather chaps and bomber jacket? Or maybe you’ve got grey touring gear. What do you do? Wear a neon orange or hi-viz yellow helmet! That’s right orange or yellow. In traffic you stand out from blocks away since your head will be above the roofline of most cars.

Studies have shown that riders wearing brightly colored helmets versus black ones have significantly fewer accidents. Yes, the colors are garish, but it’s the fact that they don’t occur in nature that makes them stand out so much. After all, isn’t it better to offend the sensibilities of the other road users as long as it keeps you upright on two wheels.