Top 10 Things To Do At Sturgis

The observant motorcyclist who attends both Daytona Bike Week and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will notice quite a few differences which boil down to this comparison: At Daytona, you will see lots of Harley riders wearing white sneakers; at Sturgis, lots of motorcycle boots covered with a layer of road grime. As friend-of-MO, James Hesketh put it, “Sturgis is a rider’s rally, Daytona is Florida vacation for motorcyclists.” Additionally, the roads around Sturgis are impeccably maintained, winding pieces of heaven transporting you through unending views of the grassy Northern Plains and around the Black Hills. For this year’s rally, I rode more than 600 miles in five days – and I didn’t ride every day!

If you want to ride through epic scenery on roads made for motorcyclists, pull out a map of the Black Hills and start planning your trip to Sturgis.

(Photo by Kevin Wing)