10. Attend Any Races


For me, racing is what Daytona Bike Week is all about. I could happily go to Bike Week and do nothing but attend the various racing events and leave feeling that the week was a huge success. Unfortunately, I was in Daytona for work and not pleasure, and the boss-man said I had leave before most of the racing began. Actually, I could’ve attended the Supercross races, but I was scheduled to attend another event.

Whatever kind of racing you fancy (dirt, pavement, legal, or illicit), it’s happening at some point during Bike Week, but my all-time favorite event has to be the Daytona 200. This sprint race disguised as an endurance event is a sight to behold in person. Standing on the bottom of the banking watching the racers fly by high over your head, allowing you to see how the G-forces force them down on the tanks while fighting the turbulence from nearby bikes can’t be replicated on TV.