1. Hot-Dock Custom Cycles BMW K1600GTL Juggernaut


In the number 5 spot I mentioned how walking down a random road led me to three beautiful classics. As it turns out, what I encountered just a few steps later was the Tokyo hub of Deus Ex Machina, the popular moto/surf-shop and cafe. Of course, I had to take a look. As I waited for my affogato (which was spectacular, by the way), I stepped into the small garage area adjacent to the cafe where I found this, the “Juggernaut” from Keiji Kawakita of Hot Dock Custom Cycles. A mixture of Mad Max meets steampunk, Kawakita was given a BMW K1600GTL (yes, the full touring model) and free rein to do with the bike as he pleased.

In an interview with Japanese website ignite6.jp, Kawakita-san says he didn’t draw up a single image on paper for this bike, instead deciding to jump right into disassembling the standard K16 and making the rest up as he went along. Once he shaped the front end and the Duolever fork the way he wanted, inspiration for the rest of the bike grew organically. The frame and suspension are standard BMW, but the exoskeleton surrounding it was all handmade from aluminum piping and the aluminum panels were handmade as well. Engine mods are tame, just a custom airbox and exhaust (then again, how much more power do you need from the six-banger?) The finishing touch is the aging paint treatment given to the engine cases and switchgear. Not seen in this pic are the dummy steampunk gauges on the gas tank.

Granted, this picture hardly does the bike justice, but then again no picture will. The level of detail in this custom job was extraordinary, and seeing it in person is the only way to truly appreciate it. Kawakita-san is the 2008 World Buildoff champion (his shop specializes in custom Harleys), and after seeing the Juggernaut, it’s easy to see why he’s held in such high regard.