Riding a motorcycle is always a feel-good event. But when you combine your riding pleasure with a cause for the greater good of society, benefiting those less fortunate, the experience and personal satisfaction is elevated beyond the common Sunday morning ride.

As a group, motorcyclists are some of the most charitable people in the world – riding millions of miles each year while generating millions of dollars for a variety of good causes. Anyone can donate some money, but only motorcyclists can bring attention to a cause through the simple act of riding en masse with like-minded motorcyclists. Even participating in your local, annual toy run counts, but for those desiring something more, we’ve generated a list of a few larger, longer feel-good causes supported by motorcyclists. Many of which have been going on for decades.

For a little feel good, motorcycle inspiration, check the Dream Rangers video from a few years ago. Yes, it’s an advertisement for a bank, but it’s based on a true story and it certainly tugs at your heart strings as it displays the softer side of motorcycling.