The Aurora Hellfire OZ26 is an audacious and over-the-top design, styled by noted designer Tim Cameron. It uses a bespoke flat-plane-crank 2575cc V-8 engine with cylinder banks set at 80 degrees and claimed to produce a retina-squishing 417 horsepower at 9500 rpm. Peak torque is said to be a stunning 235 lb-ft-lb at 7000 rpm.

The Hellfire is the product of mechanical engineer Vincent Messina, an ex-pat Aussie (pictured next to Aurora’s Alison Scoullar) and former racer currently living in Thailand who’d been dreaming of his “ultrabike” for years. Its monocoque design employs a Hossack-style front end and a shaft-driven rear end, yielding a 63.0-inch wheelbase and a claimed dry weight of 594 pounds. More info can be found at Aurora’s website.

The video below shows the Hellfire warming up, and the best part comes after the 2:18 mark when Messina raps the throttle. Who wants to send me to Thailand to ride it?!