10. Hipsters


Time magazine asked the question some years ago: When everybody is cool, is anybody? Many once-cool things have gone mainstream and suffered serious cool dilution as a result. Motorcycles still have not, and so I salute any fellow man or woman crazy enough to ride around in traffic more exposed than Miley Cyrus’ uvula. So they drink PBR and they’re driving up the price of CB350s, so what? Nobody grown wants either of those.

Today’s hipsters are tomorrow’s buyers of really expensive BMWs and things, once the economy picks up and their latent consumerism kicks in. Then we’ll snap all of it up a few years later at steep discount after all the warranty work is done, the clutch is replaced, and Baby Forces Sale. All I’m jealous of is the kids’ ability to grow some really impressive mountain-man beards, which sometimes look a little strange on their ectomorph bodies. Must be all the hormones in the milk?

Photo by Simon Kjellberg.