Serra Do Rio Do Rastro, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Serra do Rio do Rastro

South America is one of the best motorcycling destinations on Earth, and its largest country, Brazil, boasts one of its most epic motorcycle runs. Serra do Rio do Rastro is a mountain range located in the state of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil. It is marked by remarkable landscapes and deep crags.

Serra do Rio do Rastro Map

The journey of the Sierra do Rio do Rastro goes from 4,790 feet to sea level in only eight miles, with an average gradient of 9.2%. But if you think this is going to be some leisurely afternoon putt-putt, think again: there are 250 corners. Hang on.

It is one of Brazil’s most famous motorcycling roads, and online videos such as this one make it clear this is not a run for the faint of heart. We can’t wait.

PHOTO: SaoJoaquimOnline; MAP