6. Yamaha XJR1300

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The vintage theme continues with Yamaha’s XJR1300. With the largest air-cooled four-cylinder currently in production, the 1251cc heart of the XJR is said to reach its peak torque at 6000 rpm. Still, the engine is just one facet of this retro-inspired bike. An obvious throwback to the UJM of old, the XJR deliberately doesn’t fit into any particular category, but instead chooses to do a little bit of everything. I wasn’t alive during the heyday of the UJM, but I’ve heard plenty about them from my dad and my slightly more, ahem, mature, colleagues, and I imagine the XJR would be the modern interpretation of everything those old UJMs embodied. Not to mention I already see countless avenues for customization if I could ever get one in my garage. Yamaha already has a slew of custom options from its parts and accessories catalog. See the XJR1300 Racer for proof.