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There was a lot of hoopla last weekend over the accomplishment of Cal Crutchlow being the first Brit to win a premier-class Grand Prix race since Barry Sheene in 1981. Congratulations, Cal, don’t get cocky. Which is exactly what he did following the race referring to his competitors as “wimps” – an accusation basted with the decorum of his enrollment in “the Donald Trump School of Tact and Grace,” according to Bruce Allen’s post-race autopsy. So let’s put this in perspective; Cal won a race – a rain race due to lucky tire selection – not a championship based on skill and season-long consistency.

In the annals of Grand Prix motorcycle racing, some of the best champions have originated from the island nation and deserve modern recognition. Here’s our list of British GP champs according to their career accomplishments. Sorry, Cal, a lone MotoGP race win isn’t enough to earn a spot beyond the opening paragraph.