I’ve heard about a new, sportier, quarter-liter sportbike from Hyosung for some time, but this is the first time I’d seen the GD250R in person. There wasn’t a rep available to bounce questions off of, but simply looking at it, it sure is a mean looking 250. Hyosung’s website has the GD250R listed at $4,099, $300 cheaper than the 2016 Honda CBR300R, the other single-cylinder (granted, it’s displacing 286cc) sportbike in this category. Of course, with the quarter-liter class graduating to 300cc, the Hyosung is already on the back foot as far as power goes. The white one in the background was fitted with an aftermarket exhaust canister, but personally I like the slimmer profile of this stocker, with the exhaust gasses exiting from underneath the bike.