2009 Yamaha TMAX

2009 Yamaha TMAX pictures, prices, information, and specifications.
Model Type
Touring Scooter
Generic Type (Primary)
Touring Scooter
Manufacturer Country
Introduction Year
Manufacturer Recommend Minimum Age
Parent Company
Display Name
Engine Type
Parallel Twin
Engine Stroke
Valves Per Cylinder
Valve Configuration
Bore (mm/in)
66 / 2.6
Stroke (mm/in)
73 / 2.88
Displacement (cc/ci)
499 / 30.4
Compression Ratio
Fuel Requirements
US Miles Per Gallon (Combined)
Fuel Type
Fuel Injector
Carburetion Type
Fuel Injected
Transmission Type
Continuously Variable (CVT)
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel)
Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission)
Wheels Composition
Tube / Tubeless
Front Tire Width
Front Tire Aspect Ratio
Front Tire Speed Rating
Front Wheel Diameter
Rear Tire Width
Rear Tire Aspect Ratio
Rear Tire Speed Rating
Rear Wheel Diameter
Front Tire (Full Spec)
120/70 R15
Rear Tire (Full Spec)
160/60 R15
Front Brake Type
Dual Hydraulic Disc
Front Brake Diameter (in/mm)
10.5 / 267
Rear Brake Type
Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake Diameter (in/mm)
10.5 / 267
Front Suspension Type
Telescopic Fork
Front Suspension Size (in/mm)
1.7 / 43
Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load
Front Adjustable Rebound Damping
Front Central Suspension Strut
Steering Damper
Rear Suspension Type
Twin Sided Swing Arm
Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load
Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping
Number Rear Shock Absorbers
Air Adjustable
Steering Control
Length (ft)
Width (in/mm)
30.5 / 774.7
Height (in/mm)
56.9 / 1445.3
Wheelbase (in/mm)
62.2 / 1579.9
Ground Clearance (in/mm)
4.9 / 124.5
Length (ft/ft)
Length (ft/in)
Wet Weight (lbs/kg)
489 / 221.8
Fuel Capacity (gal/l)
4 / 15.1
Engine Displacement to Weight (cc)
Seat Type
Seat Material
Seat Location
Driver and Passenger
Seat Height (in/mm)
31.5 / 119.2
Number Of Seats
Backrest Logo Plate
Backrest Type
Backrest Location
Lumbar Adjustment
Grab Rail or Strap
Body Material
Floor Board Location
Hand Grips
Foot Peg Location
Chain Guard
Chassis Protectors
Drive Shaft Guard
Fork Guards
Saddle Bag Guard
Tank Guard
Hand Guards
Brush Guard
Heel Guards
Exhaust Guard
Light Guard
Fuel Tank Cover
Front Fender
Rear Fender
Stand Type
Center / Kick
Lower Fairing
Upper Fairing
Wind Deflector
License Plate
Digital Instrumentation
Trip Odometer
Temperature Warning Type
Fuel Level Warning Type
Warranty (Months/Condition)
12 / Limited
Battery Warranty (Months)
Windshield Mounts
Rearview Mirrors
Windshield Lowers
Height Adjustable
Underseat Storage
Lockable Storage
Helmet Storage
Glove Box / Dash Storage
Headlight Mounts
Halogen Headlight (s)
Headlight (s)
Light Type
Handlebar Lock
User Reviews
12 reviews
  • Extreme Handling
    By  (I am an Owner) on Aug 31, 2013

    I wanted a Suzuki Burgman 650 but the dealers wanted MSRP +++! I was forced to buy the Tmax and I got it at a discounted price cause the dealer was desperate to sell it. Geezz! I made out better! I thought I was getting a 2nd rate super scooter but I really got the top of the line, the best! Nobody ...

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  • Tmax
    By  (I am a Writer) on Dec 06, 2010

    I am 63 yrs. of age and quit riding in the mid 1970's;I got the "bug" once again and got my learner's permit/full coverage insurance (Progressive)and purchased a new"leftover"Cadmium Yellow 2009 T MAX.The performance is more (much more)than I expected.The Cad Yellow paint scheme is for conspicuity ...

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  • Incredible Machine !!!
    By  (I am an Owner) on Jun 02, 2009

    I have owned the cadmium yellow T-Max for a little over a week now and have nothing negative to say about it. It is very well built, has tons of speed, corners/holds the road very well and the braking system is second to none. During my brief time of ownership I have had numerous people ask about ...

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  • I absolutely "LOVE" The Yamaha TMAX
    By  (I am an Owner) on May 17, 2009

    I just want to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE Yamaha TMAX 500!

    I am a girl that wanted an automatic motorcycle. I am just not coordinated to shift safely. My Boyfriend and I have a huge BMW bike. Sitting in the driver seat I am 8" inches to short on each leg to touch the ground. Anyway ...

    I am 5'7" tall, so I am not that short. Over the few years I have been waiting and looking for automatic motorcycles to come out. I have test driven many of them before I made up my mind.

    I tested the CF-MOTO V3. It was short enough so I could flat foot the ground. But the turning was hard and would jerk my arms when trying to make slow turns, it SCARED ME and gave me a workout. Plus my boyfriend didn't like the quality of the bike. He wants me to be as safe as possible and the CF-MOTO would be scary to drive in traffic. Maybe good for parking lots. They have no suspension and the brakes arn't that good. Hard to get parts for the bike as well.

    I tested the Aprilia Mana 850. I really liked it because it was a REAL motorcycle. It was easier to steer than the CF-MOTO and much better built. Better supension, brakes, well eveything was better than the CF-MOTO, Good Quality. The foot pegs and foot brake were small and was something you would have to get use to. Didn't seem that great for longer than 20 minute trips. plus you had to lean over the bike. I think my arms would get tired.

    I tested a Ridley and well it's ok, but I really don't like the styles and they are way to low. It was like you are sitting on a porta potty going down the road. Sorry Ridely!

    Then I read up on the YAMAHA TMAX and burgman 400 and had to go to the dealer to check them out. This dealer wouldn't allow you to test drive them. But, I really really wanted a bike. So I looked over the Burgman 400 and the TMAX 500. The Burgman seems cheaply made and didn't have as good of suspension or Brakes than the TMAX. But, it was about $3,000.00 cheaper and I could flat foot the ground sitting on it. The TMAX I can only tippy toe the ground because it's a few inches taller than the Burgman. Not being able to flat foot the ground worried me. But, I liked the Aprilia mana and I couldn't flat foot the ground on that either.

    I kept going back to the TMAX I liked the looks and the quality. It looks like a motorcycle. So I said ok I want that one, the TMAX. Since I can't test drive it. I told my boyfriend he may have a new toy to play with if I can't drive it. I had cash and told them I would only pay $6,900.00 so you can talk them down a little if you try. Plus I asked for a $300.00 matching helmet to seal the deal. :o)

    After purchasing the TMAX my boyfriend test drove it in the parking lot real quick to get a feel for it before I fallowed him home so I could try.

    He had a smile on his face and kept riding by me saying your going to LOVE IT.

    We got it home and I couldn't wait to ride it. He said he loved riding it home and that it was no scooter, but a motorcycle. He told me it's a 500cc motorcylce. He is 200 lbs and 6ft tall and had no problem losing me in the car. I couldn't keep up with him. He said it was quick and fast.

    I wanted my turn now. So he jumped on the BMW and I on the TMAX and headed down the neighborhood. I made about a 4 mile trip through the neighborhood to get use to the TMAX. Then told him lets go out on the big roads to get something to eat. He didn't want me to go out on big roads yet, but I had confidence with the TMAX and told him I could do it. So we road to dinner. I LOVED IT! I picked up very easily where the signals were the horn, headlights, etc. I can even start this bike on my own. LOL :o) I loved the positions I could put my feet. So much better than those little pegs.

    To sum this up if you can afford one and don't want a motorcycle you have to shift get the TMAX. If your a girl like me and need the easiest thing to ride get the TMAX. If you didn't really want a scooter, but wanted a motorcycle like me. Then get the TMAX because it's not a scooter! It's a motorcycle! I am so glad I got one!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Yamaha TMAX 500!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Yamaha TMAX 500!

    Below is a picture of my boyfriend getting ready to ride it off the lot on the way to it's new home.

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  • T-Maximus
    By  (I am an Owner) on Mar 29, 2009

    I have only ridden dirt bikes for years, and then decided to go street when gas hit $4++ last year. I purchased a Piaggio MP3 400- which was a great scoot. I may write a review on it too-

    The TMax is basically an automatic 499cc sport bike. It is in the scooter family because of ...

    The good: Fairing cuts wind buffering at speeds up to 50 MPH. The styling is sporty, and not as bulbous as most "touring scooters." If there was ever a need for a better name. When I hear the word scooter, I think less than 150 cc's, and small wheels. The name scooter doesn't do this or the MP3 jstice. They deserve a name of their own, and it is not "touring scooter", IMHO. Okay, back to the good. The bike is light and agile compared to others of the same class, and it is thinner in design. The storage under the seat is adequate for rain gear and a half helmet, and the no lock dash storage compartments are adequate for gloves and glasses on one side, and maybe maps, gps, or other necessities in the other. The exhaust sounds better than the sewing machine sounds of others, but not the whiny baby sound of sport bikes or rumble of a cruiser. It is fairly quiet in comparison to the competitors. The foot rests have two positions, flat and toe up for cruising. The 4 gal gas tank size allows for decent range at 47 mpg. The throttle response is solid, and allows for confidence when the need to move quickly arises. The brakes are not as strong as the MP3, but more than adequate. The guages are nicely done, and they illuminate to red in the evening- very nice touch. All signal buttons are easy to locate. The mirrors are outstanding for those with wider shoulders or torso, and much better than others I have seen. Warranty coverage for FIVE years was only 400 bucks, which is great in my opinion.

    The not as good: Higher speeds over 50-60 MPH cause the screen to flex down slightly, and the wind does make it over, and causes a little more wind and noise for those over 5'10". Not bad, but noticable. I only have the MP3 to compare windscreens, and it is much better than the MP3, which is a stubby one that loks cool but doesn't offer much protection. One light is on under normal headlights, but you can switch to bright mode and have both on. I don't like one light on and one off. If you have two light sockets, they should both be on. If it is a problem because it makes drivers think you are a more distant car, then quit making the two socket bikes with one light on. It looks like you have a light out, and side visibility is reduced on the side with no light. The color choices are blue or yellow. Strange, as black and red are almost a standard. The signal lights are not as easy to see as I would like them to be, but most bikes have them in hard to see places, so perhaps that is normal. I would like a plug in for the battery charger and a socket to charge other items, like the MP3.

    The ride is great, and the styling is much better than any other two wheeler I have seen. Is there a 750 coming soon? That would be something...

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  • In a class by itself!
    By  (I am an Owner) on Mar 25, 2009

    I have a new 09 blue TMAX. It is about three weeks old. This is my 6th new scooter since 2006. I was ready to move to a medium size cruiser but thought I would test ride the TMAX before making the move to a motorcycle. The TMAX was such a great ride I made the decision to move in that direction. ...

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  • The Best on The Road!
    By  (I am an Owner) on Mar 25, 2009

    I have had mine going on the 3rd year now. 68,000 miles and oil changes only. Just now looking at the rear tire due for change. 60 miles every day comuting across the "dreadful" I-4. Deltona to Orlando and back. I hold my own, exccelerate with confidence and smooth power. Pass when needed and cruise ...

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  • Maxie Is No Shere Kahn
    By  (I am an Owner) on Nov 03, 2008

    My T-max is blue and has nearly 3k miles on it. I guess that more than a few cages have been surprized by the blue bomber flying by at ... well 20 over the limit.

    My wife made me do it. Well she's riding a Genuine Buddy scooter and so I got into the fray.

    The max ...

    The position and rear shock transmit more road bump impact to one's back that you might imagine -- so those with bad backs be wary. Even my large motorcycles don't transmit nearly as much road impact as a scooter.

    Gas mileage can be up to 50 on open road, but around town it drops precipitously.

    Storage space is nice, great around town -- too fast? -- but missing elements of motorycling.

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  • Best of the Best
    By  (I am an Owner) on Oct 22, 2008

    The new Yamaha T-Max has exceeded my expectations on every level. The looks are outstanding, fit and finish with attention to detail is superb. Storage is adequate as long as you don't plan on long touring trips although top case can be added. Seat is comfortable but a tad high for some riders. ...

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  • Awesome
    By  (I am an Owner) on Oct 08, 2008

    I have had my TMAX for 1 week. I took it on a round trip of only 127 miles. I felt myself holding back so as not to exceed the speed limit of 70 miles per hour. When I wanted to accelerate even while going 80 MPH the power was there and I easily passed a car in front of me. That's motorcycle power ...

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  • great scooter
    By  (I am an Owner) on Sep 16, 2008

    I've had my tmax for 2 weeks. Great smooth acceleration, comparable to small motorcycles.This scooter is larger and heavier also with a higher seat height than the average scooter. The scooter has really nice looks and I've had many compliments. Overall a 10/10

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  • Worth the wait!
    By  (I am an Owner) on Sep 15, 2008

    Ive wanted one of these for about 8 yrs now, when yamaha first introduced them to the european market. Unfortunately, it wasnt available when i bought my last scooter- a 2003 Burgman 400. I never gave up hope that eventually theyd stop depriving us... and earlier this year i found out i was right! ...

    This is definitely a scooter with racing genes. ITs purpose-built to be a "Sport scooter" and it doesnt disappoint. Compared to the Burgman, it sits a bit taller, rides a bit firmer, and is a LOT more nimble. Not that the Burgman 400 is a slug, by any means. I used to ride the B400 WFO on the freeway in the carpool lane. That means a comfortable 90mph or so. the Tmax? I havent been able to use full throttle very often, or for very long.

    The 2 cylinder, 500cc engine is extremely smooth and quiet compared to the 400cc 1 cylinder of the burgman 400. Gas it from a start, and it takes off VERY quickly. The big surprise is when you hit about 35mph and the engine note turns to a low growl and things in the rearview mirrors start to shrink.

    Storage is adequate, but the trunk is smaller and there are only 2 cubbys, no glove box. gas mileage is probably about on par with the B400 when flogged, but it requires 91 octane. Again, these two tradeoffs are no big deal for the extra perfomance.

    If you want something more sedate, but comfortable and a bit more practical, id stick with the 400 class. that extra 100cc costs about $2000. Thats not really fair to say, though- because they are apples and ... pears, maybe.

    Think of the burgman and yamaha 400s as mazda miatas, and the TMax as a honda s2000. i dont regret the decision, especially after 5 wonderful years with the burgman 400.

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