Tour Master Caliber Riding Pants Review

Touring pants of the sport and/or adventure variety

Like an inquisitive consumer researching his or her next purchase, I too trolled the forums reading personal chronicles of owning a pair of Tour Master’s Caliber pants. What I found were mostly favorable accounts coinciding with my own experiences wearing the brand’s all-weather riding gear.

A recurring comment of interest was the tight sizing of the Caliber pants and the need to upsize in order to comfortably fit over blue jeans. To clarify, these are not designed to be overpants, Tour Master has a pair of those aptly named “Overpants.” The Caliber pants are meant to fit with nothing more than briefs, shorts or at most long johns. Have I occasionally worn blue jeans beneath the Caliber pants? Yes, when my destination dictates a quick change to casual clothing, but I don’t complain about the inappropriate sizing, knowing that doing so is incongruent with the pants’ intended design.

Tour Master Caliber Pants

The men’s 32”-34” waist I ordered fits comfortably snug thanks to an elastic waistband that is adjustable to personal preference by way of dual Velcro belts. Tour Master provides an even more personalized fit by offering the Caliber pants in standard, short and tall sizing depending on an individual's leg length. Going even further, the CE-approved knee armor can be positioned in three different locations providing about an inch of vertical adjustment. Both the knee armor and soft hip armor are removable.

The non-vented Caliber pants are meant for mild to cold climates. Most owners report comfortably riding in near-freezing temperatures, and I can attest to the Caliber’s ability to keep a wearer warm. The removable insulated liner is zippered the length of each leg to ease the on/off process, features stretchable panels in both the knee and inseam areas and is easily installed or removed. Without vents the Caliber pants will get a little oven-like in temperatures above 75 degrees.

Tour Master Caliber Pants Off-Road Riding

The ability of any motorcycle garment to completely withstand the onslaught of wetness in an afternoon rainstorm is always questionable, and while most consumer postings report successful tests, there are a few Caliber wearers who complained of leakage. I have yet to discover a point of entry for rain to ruin my ride, but Southern California isn’t exactly conducive to wet weather testing. To keep the wearer dry, the Caliber pants are lined with Rainguard, a waterproof, breathable textile, while both leg and hand pocket zippers are of the waterproof variety. 

Otherwise, the Caliber pants are constructed with a combination of 600-denier Carbolex and Ballistic Polyester with accordion expansion panels at the small of the back and above the knees. There’s reflective piping down the length of each leg and contrasting double-stitching throughout the garment. A Tour Master jacket can be attached to the Caliber pants by way of an 8-inch zipper at the rear of the pants.

The Caliber pants are appropriate for either sport-touring or adventure-touring, and even cruiser riders braving the elements will appreciate their protection and level of comfort. General consensus from both online consumer reviews as well as us here at is that the $179.99 Caliber pants are a good value for the price.

Tour Master Caliber Pants Action Road

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