The Cycle Guys FastPack Product Review

Alfonse Palaima
by Alfonse Palaima

The Cycle Guys dropped a little treat in our hands a few weeks ago, and a slick and handy little product it is! It's called the FastPack, a collapsible seat bag designed to fit your sportbike's pillion pad. Basically, it's a tankbag-like piece of removable luggage with approximately 8 liters of storage that zips flat when not in use.

With a faux Carbon-fiber top layer for style, the Fastpack is virtually invisible when collapsed. And the textured surface provides extra traction as well as padding for your passenger. There's no real reason to remove it since it provides the storage today's sportbikes seem to lack more and more of each model year. But it's easy to remove when your girlfriend joins you on the ride. We must note, though, that CycleGuys doesn't recommend leaving the FastPack on when carrying a passenger.

the cycle guys fastpack product review, Easy On easy off
Easy On, easy off.
When you're not carrying much more than an extra pair of gloves or a pack of cigarettes, you can put a whole lot more inside the expanded FastPak. So far I've been hauling around my Lidsafe helmet bag and wheel lock, with room to spare. The bag is universally designed to fit a range of bikes with removable pillion pads by using four crossover hook-and-loops straps that hug the pillion pad of your CBR, GSX-R, 675, R6 and R1. Other sizes are available for bikes with larger passenger saddles.

The FastPack comes in three sizes, so refer to the chart below to see if there's a model for your bike. A one-piece model is designed to fit larger, one-piece saddles like those on the VFR, Street Triple, Ninja 250R and so on.

Size 1 Fits: Size 2 Fits: Size 3 Fits:
CBR1000RR (04-07)
CBR600RR (03-08)

ZX-6R (03-04)
Z-1000 (03-06)

GSX-R600/750 (04-05)

Daytona 675 (06-08)

R6 (03-05)
R6S (06-08)
R1 (00-06)

CBR1000RR (2008)
CBR600F4i (01-03)
CBR125 (07-08)

GSX-R600/750 (06-07)
B-King (2008)

R6 (06-08)
R1 (07-08)

Firebolt (03-08)
1125R (2008)

ZX-10R (06-07)
Ninja 250R (2008)

GSX-R1000 (06-08)
GSX-R600/750 (2008)
SV650/S (03-08)
SV1000S (03-07)

The FastPack, $72.95, is constructed of a heavy-duty waterproof canvas with a YKK waterproof zipper to keep your rolling papers dry in the afternoon drizzles.

the cycle guys fastpack product review

I bet this might make a great stash for a beanie helmet in states requiring helmets for all riders... for those nights you know you're "gunna pull" and want to take your "catch" back to the cave. Know whadda I mean? Otherwise, you could stuff your boring tuna fish salad and hummus-dip Lunchable in there.

On the CycleGuys website you'll find they also sell a few other worthy products, such as the Rok Strap, ASV Billet clutch and brake levers and another product Longride reviewed recently called the FastRack [$49.95] . Read our review of the FastRack to learn all about it.

Highs: Sighs:
No fuss, no mussEasy to installWon't come off when you push back on it with your backpack while riding Not lockableBut come on, ya Mofos, no one wants to steal your smelly tuna or cigarettes

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