FastRack Accessory Luggage Rack Review

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If you are like me, you probably like to take lots of short trips and run errands on your bike. Unfortunately if you have a naked or sport bike, you probably have the same problem I do. Where do I put all the stuff I want to carry with me? Naked bikes and sport bikes aren’t exactly made for carrying things or known for their storage capability. So what can we do when we are out running those errands on the weekends?

Well, our ship just came in with the FastRack from The Cycle Guys. The FastRack is a luggage rack that attaches to the rear seat of your bike and provides a solid and stable platform for carrying all those things you used to leave behind, stuff into your jacket, or try to hang on your arm while riding. It will fit just about any bike out there, including touring bikes.

fastrack accessory luggage rack review, Simple but effective the FastRack quickly turns a sportbike into a sport touring bike
Simple but effective, the FastRack quickly turns a sportbike into a sport "touring" bike.
fastrack accessory luggage rack review, Installation is lickety split
Installation is lickety-split.

The FastRack consists of an aluminum luggage rack and two Velcro mounting strips. To install, just thread the Velcro strips through the rack and remove your seat. Wrap the straps around the seat tightly, replace the seat, and you are ready to rock.

fastrack accessory luggage rack review, Good practical use of the FastRack
Good, practical use of the FastRack.
fastrack accessory luggage rack review, FastRack installed Longride is outta here
FastRack installed, Longride is outta here!

The whole thing takes about 2 minutes to install and about 30 seconds to uninstall, which makes it practical, as well as easy to use. The rack fit the rear section on my Suzuki Bandit perfectly, and once tightened properly, it was very solid. Just be sure the Velcro straps are tight enough and there will be no worries.

The rack itself has numerous holes for bungee cords or nets, which makes it east to attach a variety of items to the rack. And although I didn’t have a set of saddlebags to test, this is the perfect solution for mounting saddlebags and keeping them off your bodywork (or high-mount mufflers), while providing a more secure attachment point than just the seat itself. The makers FastRack rate the carrying capacity at 10 pounds, so there are plenty of items that can be carried much more safely than trying to tie them to the seat.

I do have a couple nits that I have to pick with the FastRack. The edges on the rack are a bit sharp, and it was digging into the piping on my seat a bit, so a little filing was in order. Maybe an edge guard would help here, but most seats won’t have this problem. The only other issue is if you bungee something really tightly, the luggage plate flexes some. Not a big deal and I don’t think it was a problem, but it was noticeable.

So, to sum it up, the FastRack is easy to install and uninstall, works great and, at $49.95, it certainly won’t break the bank. You can check out the FastRack and lots of other cool products they offer at

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