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Seeing is believing

We've all reached plateaus in our lives. From the business arena to top-level athletics and just about every aspect of life in between, eventually most of us hit a wall in our performance that we just can't seem to break through. In motorcycle riding this can be especially frustrating if you work consciously to improve your skill set.

Even the best of the best have a mentor or someone to turn to for advice and coaching. We all need that. Like the saying often goes, you can't see the forest because all the trees are in the way. Eventually you need to "see" yourself from the outside.

Does this sound like you? Do you live near race tracks in the Midwest or Eastern U.S.? If you do, then Shadow Video Productions may be the answer to your riding befuddlement. As the name implies, this company provides a skilled rider (or riders depending on the service you choose) to "shadow" you on the track. Then, when you're done, they will watch the footage with you, pointing out riding strengths and weaknesses.

Shadow Video isn't a trackday operation, but is a small company of skilled riders that offer the videoing service during existing trackdays, most run by Sportbike Track Time with many dates at East Coast tracks and an abundance at Midwestern tracks.

You can have a Shadow rider, as they call themselves, follow you or you can follow them; or both to get the best possible view. In case you haven't ever witnessed your own riding, even in a photo, it is an invaluable tool for self-analysis. Actually seeing what you may be doing wrong, rather than being left to envision the error of your ways when someone only tells you what they see, can be the fast track to fixing or improving your riding.

Video shadowing services from Shadow Video start at $69.99 per session and go up from there with discounted prices for combined services.

Get out of the forest and look at yourself!

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