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Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

Spinnin' laps in style

The REV’IT! Quantum One-Piece Suit is a looker for sure. Whether you can handle the splattery graphics and snakeskin-esque embossing is entirely on you, but if you can, you’ll be awarded with a suit that functions just as well as it looks, and all the ladies (and/or men) will notice. Let’s delve deeper into the Quantum’s mechanics.

REV’IT! Quantum One-Piece Suit

Editor Score: 92.75%
Aesthetics 10/10
Protection 9.0/10
Value 9.0/10
Comfort/Fit 8.75/10
Quality/Design 9.5/10
Weight 9.5/10
Options/Selection 9.5/10
Innovation 9.0/10
Weather Suitability 9.0/10
Desirable/Cool Factor 9.5/10
Overall Score92.75/100

The REV’IT! Quantum track suit is comprised mostly of the company’s Monaco cowhide which is built to deliver excellent abrasion resistance while having a natural sheen. PWR|shell stretch material and leather accordion stretch panels are used throughout to ensure mobility. One of the features of the suit that interested me is the 3D air mesh panels on the upper shoulder area, something I hadn’t seen on a one-piece suit prior to the Quantum. Being that my internal temperature seems to rage with the heat of 1,000 suns, having the extra breathability and airflow is an enticing feature to this REV’IT! suit.

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The splatter paint design and embossed leather ensure you’ll stand out at your next track day.

Internally, the suit carries the full suite of Betac armor covering the knees, shoulders and elbows with SEESMART protectors included in the hips. Additionally, the Quantum has internal pockets for REV’IT!’s SEESOFT divided chest protector as well as the SEESOFT CE-level two back protector – something you don’t usually find in race suits. Externally, plastic-backed aluminum sliders are found at the shoulders and knees to increase the chances of sliding during a get off rather than catching and tumbling. If you’re dragging your elbows like Marquez, you’ll be thankful for the replaceable dual-comp elbow sliders as well.

The REV’IT! Quantum suit features a removable mesh liner and a ventilated speed hump that’s compatible for a hydration bag.

Initially, upon hearing the Betac armor carried only a CE level one certification, I was surprised, however REV’IT!’s head of product development for its one-piece suit’s, Susan Sterke, was able to provide a thorough explanation for the company’s decision:

There are several reasons why Betac is utilized in our one-piece race suits over our proprietary SEEFLEX. First of all, the leather being used, its thickness and quality, allows the suit to pass the highest possible rating on the CE garments scale which is AAA. Second, the hard parts used on all high impact areas, such as the shoulder, elbow, and knees, supplement the internal armor in impact testing. Because the one-piece suits fit close to the body, we found if these garments used SEEFLEX it would make the suit unnecessarily bulky, less comfortable, and much too heavy overall. Betac protection (although maybe a slightly different type/shape) is used by many in the MotoGP and other roadracing paddocks.

The Quantum one-piece suit was comfortable enough to wear on our ride to/from Laguna Seca during the World Superbike weekend. Of course, I didn’t really have an option either.

The fit of the Quantum is track suit tight but not as much as other suits I have used. For starters, the torso length allows one to stand without raising one’s voice an octave which can be helpful if you stand around at the track as much as you ride. The thighs are a bit snug for me, but that’s par for the course due to my previously mentioned watermelon crushing thighs. What was slightly surprising about the fit was how snug the suit was for me around the forearms. My arms aren’t overly big, and while it’s not enough to cause arm pump (at least it hasn’t happened yet), they’re tighter than I would like.

The stretch panels aid in mobility and breathability while neoprene found at the neck and cuffs lend comfort to points where the suit could otherwise be abrasive.

I’ve done a handful of track days in the REV’IT! Quantum suit, and between the soft leather, thoughtful finishes, and overall fit, it’s one of the more comfortable suits I’ve been able to try. The amount of breathability and mobility the Quantum offers is paramount to confidence on the race track, and with the distinct design, you’re sure to stand out. Retail pricing is set at $1250, and the Quantum one-piece suit is available in three color options: white/black, neon yellow/black, and neon red/black (pictured).

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