Kisan Electronics Wants to Keep You (and Your Bike) Safe From Distracted Drivers

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Be seen with products that don't just work - they work right.

Have you ever wanted to grab an oblivious motorist and scream “CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?” after narrowly avoiding a crash? There’s no doubt that the number-one cause of multi-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles is a car violating a motorcycle’s right of way at an intersection. “I didn’t see him!” is the frequent excuse. “He came out of nowhere!” Sure. “MAYBE IF YOU WEREN’T INSTAGRAMMING YOUR LAUNDRY LIST YOU WOULD HAVE NOTICED ME,” you scream in your fantasy dialogue. What can we do to combat the motorcyclist’s arch-nemesis: the distracted driver?

Luckily, there’s Kisan Electronics in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since 1993, the company has specialized in plug-and-play electronics that increase safety by making motorcycles more visible to distracted drivers. When it comes to lighting safety, Kisan truly knows their stuff, making high-quality products that are easy to install, engineered to comply with state, local, national and Canadian traffic laws, and designed not just to work, but to work right. It’s all to make good on their commitment to keeping you safe and stress-free so you can enjoy the ride.

LED headlights have gained popularity over the years. They’re brighter, clearer, use less energy, and are more reliable than old-school halogen bulbs; many new motorcycles released today come with custom LED headlight “clusters.” Kisan has been designing the pathBlazer headlight modulator which “winks” or “flashes” during daylight riding. It is like continually flashing your headlights without having to flick the highbeams. It’s a legal way to get noticed while not being impaled by an Impala or crushed by a Corolla.

Let them know you’re there

Kisan is proud to offer the pathBlazer headlight modulator in easy-to-install kits which are programmable for LED and halogen headlamps alike. The simple act of modulating a headlight is actually not that hard – but doing it right is not easy. In order to be done correctly, Kisan has worked hard to program the LED lights to “soft switch,” which is no simple operation. The reason behind the “soft switch” is to make it less taxing on the bulb, which will actually increase the life of the bulb. It’s no small feat, but Kisan has figured out how to back-engineer the program on each model, for each application, by make, model, and manufacturer – while also sourcing plugs to fit the OEM wiring harness so that riders can just plug in the pathBlazer and ride, ride, ride.

kisan electronics wants to keep you and your bike safe from distracted drivers

Kisan’s plug-and-play pathBlazer headlight modulator is available for a wide range of model-specific applications, from older bikes to this year’s crop of go-fast machines. Installation is quick and easy, requiring no special tools or even knowledge of electronics. It uses a light sensor (which makes sure it only works during daylight hours), and is programmable for light sensitivity. Want to disable modulation? The pathBlazer is connected to your highbeams. Simply switch to low beams and the modulation stops.

Kisan is developing plug-in kits for the latest generation of LED-equipped motorcycles – including the 2018 and newer Honda Goldwing, Honda Africa Twin, 2015 and newer Honda CB500, 2016 and up Honda CB1000 and CB1100, Honda Valkyrie and F6B, Kawasaki Z900RS, LED-equipped Harley models (2012 and newer), the Yamaha FJ-09 and Tracer, even the 2016 and newer CanAm Spyder. You can also get kits for your motorcycle kitted with H4 or H7 conventional and LED conversions.

kisan electronics wants to keep you and your bike safe from distracted drivers

Keep the cagers off your back

If you subscribe to the theory of “CYA” – cover your ass – Kisan has your back(side) covered too. The tailBlazer brake light modulator is designed to flash your tail light while braking, and most solutions are direct bulb replacement, so it is as simple as pulling out the old bulb and dropping in the tailBlazer. The replacement modulator from Kisan is a smart module with complex circuitry, meaning it was designed with replaceable bulbs that can be dropped in. And not only can you change the bulb, you can also select halogen or LED options. Neither of which require any special accessories to adjust for LED vs. halogen draw issues – meaning no crazy flashing or dim bulbs.

kisan electronics wants to keep you and your bike safe from distracted drivers

When you’re the one being a knucklehead, Kisan is there to help too

Kisan also recognizes that it’s not always the motorist that’s being inattentive. Most riders at some point in time leave their turn signals on and confuse approaching drivers at intersections – a good way to get hit by a left-turning car and merging traffic. So Kisan planned a step ahead, offering its signalMinder system. Like most Kisan products, the signalMinder is plug-and-play, replacing the stock turn-signal relay. This same signalMinder will – without any additional programming – solve LED fast flash should you decide to upgrade to LED turn signals. When installed, it automatically cancels your turn signal after a programmable length of time.

kisan electronics wants to keep you and your bike safe from distracted drivers

Naturally, Kisan cannot offer a plug-in option for all motorcycles. In the event they don’t have one for your limited production or older bike, Kisan has splice-in kits (the included quick-connect splicers are extremely easy to use) that can turn your turn signals into running lights and even extra flashing brake lights for the truly safety conscious.

The beauty of having such a specific focus on lighting safety, and of offering just three product lines, means Kisan really knows its products. You can be certain Kisan products are designed to work, easy to install and engineered by riders just like you: informed, educated and concerned about safety.

Kisan products are available through the company’s website at, as well as select dealers and online retailers including Amazon. Have more questions? Pick up the phone and call 888-464-5472 (they’re on Mountain Time) – or you can email anytime – for pre-sales questions, installation and order support, or just to chat about lighting safety: they won’t think it’s weird.

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  • Disqus_9GQw44dyM0 Disqus_9GQw44dyM0 on Oct 07, 2019

    Hmm, for some reason there is no audio on the Kisan videos? I have audio everywhere else on this page?

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    • Disqus_9GQw44dyM0 Disqus_9GQw44dyM0 on Oct 08, 2019

      Thanks for the response....but kinda weird. You've got my attention as a customer, but no audio?

  • Guido Guido on Oct 08, 2019

    I have Kisan signal minders and used to have brake flasher module bulbs on my Duc ST4S', the brake flashers got superceded by LED tail light assemblies with built-in flashers and hugely improved longevity.
    The signal minders are great with a quirk or so. You can't quickly change direction with these turn signals or they will go into one of two "emergency flasher" modes, which is difficult to recover from. You also lose the use of your turn signals until it is resolved.
    Kisan recommends 5 blinks before you cancel or change direction, and anybody who has ridden in an urban environment knows, frequently about 1.5 blinks is max residence time in a given lane. This will land you quickly in Escort or Emergency mode, which is a huge distraction. Since many motorbikes do not have the means of turning the headlight off, it seems to me these warning modes are not practical anyway, since a headlight will drain your battery pretty quickly if you are stranded on the side of the road.
    Despite this, I still run the signal minders on both of my sport touring bikes. I like having the turn signals as running lights, another feature of the signal minders. Lotsa lights and loud (Stebel) horns, the best anti-cell phone tools.