Judgement Day Video Review

Judgment Day is the movie that Biker Boyz should have been. Zero percent plot, one hundred percent hooliganism. Spare us the faux-urban Western crap. We wanna' watch Lisa Bonet and Derek Luke scramble for their "Star Wagon" trailers while the extras run rampant and provide some burnt-rubber aromatherapy. That's what I'm talkin' about!

Judgment Day is packed end-to-end with a steady stream of the dumbest, stupidest, most dangerous, irresponsible, insane stunts ever, typically performed on public roads with little or no protection, and I am so glad they caught it all on tape so the guilty parties can be brought to justice! Or made (in)famous... ...whatever. Step right up fellah, what's your pleasure? You like cross-armed stoppies? One-eighty endos? Side-saddle standing wheelies? Backwards Christs? What's that, the fancy stuff ain't your flavor? How about some comic relief? We got all sorts of goofiness here. Endos and 12 o'clocks on a scooter, ATV tom foolery, two and three on a bike shenanigans, pocket bikes running rampant in supermarkets, some seriously ill-advised traffic maneuvers, and the inevitable run-ins with The Man. Cause ya' gotta, right?

Highway pegs... ...I don't need no stinkin' highway pegs!
Man, I still can't see over the top of that H2!

All this capped off with a gnarly wu-wu-wu-wiiiiiiipeout segment at the end that will make anyone tempted to try this at home forget all about ever being tempted to try this at home. The 360-degree grind scar around the complete circumference of this one buster's helmet ought to straighten the head of any too-kewl-for-school types in the audience who think they've got a titanium cranium. You are the weakest links, goodbye!

So in conclusion, if you're the racing aficionado type who only enjoys watching "trained professionals" doing extremely dangerous things in a controlled, corporate- sanctioned environment, then Judgement Day probably won't be your bag, baby. But if you can get with motorcycle punks running wild in the streets and doing things on bikes that only the ever-fertile minds of the young, bored, and suicidal could come up with, then like me, you'll give Judgment Day two broken thumbs up! The soundtrack kicks ass, too. They should sell a companion CD -- the soundtrack is awesome (if you like angry music).


Riders/Teams: Todd Colbert, Crazy Martin, Jermaine Holt, Evasive Actions, Adam Chumita, Redline Extreme, Richy Rich Stunt Rider (UK), Offlimitz, DTE, D-Aces, Flyin Brian, Road Hazards, Room Crew, Zoo Crew, Wheelie Boyz, Bendoe, Xtreme Motorsports, Scooter Trash, San Jose Stunt Rider, Ten Ninety 6, Sune Anderson (Sweden)

Soundtrack: Disturbed, Screwface, Ill Lojik, Welt, Spiders & Snakes, Sonny Vincent, Turbo A.C.'s, Disengage, Table Top

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