iXS USA Makes the Best Motorcycle Apparel You've Never Heard Of

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Expect big things from this innovative Swiss brand

The Swiss are known for many things: chocolate, watches, multi-purpose pocket knives. However, you may not know there’s a Swiss company with their own equally storied tradition of making stylish, high-quality motorcycle wear: iXS.

The company established their North American presence back in 2014, but iXS has been proudly serving the European market since 1979. Now, with forty years of experience guiding their innovative lineup, riders can choose from over 210 different products, all in a variety of styles and colors – including, of course, Swiss Red. Whether you’re into sportbiking, cruising, traveling on a touring bike, adventure riding, urban wear, or vintage looks, there’s an iXS product line you’ll want to check out.

ixs usa makes the best motorcycle apparel you ve never heard of

There’s more to iXS than merely looking good though. They take quality and safety seriously, which is why all their products come with a CE certification. Plus, thanks to their “perfect fit” philosophy, iXS offers a wide range of sizes, with styles that should match your ride no matter your brand.

Here are just a few of the unique products iXS offers that deserve a closer look.

The Tour Kombi ST-Plus

Spend a lot of time on your bike? Then you’re presumably well aware of the need for gear that keeps you dry without sacrificing comfort. Designed with touring pros and frequent riders in mind, the iXS Tour Jacket & Pants ST-Plus combo is multi-layered, boasting a flexible outer fabric firmly joined to a breathable inner liner. Thanks to a waterproof membrane, water won’t get trapped between the two, keeping you dry and preventing that damp, chilly feeling that comes with getting caught in an unexpected downpour. Plus, since the iXS Tour Kombi ST-Plus uses only two laminate layers instead of three, like many other companies, the set remains surprisingly flexible and lightweight, making them a more comfortable choice for all-day rides.

ixs usa makes the best motorcycle apparel you ve never heard of
ixs usa makes the best motorcycle apparel you ve never heard of

The Silver Reflex-ST

Staying dry in the rain is vital, but staying visible at night is even more critical. It can be difficult to ensure drivers keep an eye out for motorcycles even in the best of times, let alone when it’s raining or after the sun goes down. That’s why iXS designed their Silver Reflex-ST reflective rain gear with bright colors and reflective material to keep you visible day and night, while both the jacket and matching rain pants come with shells that wick away water. The Silver Reflex-ST combo is the rare rain gear that’s lightweight, breathable and stylish, meaning you won’t need to look for a place to pull over and immediately shed it the second the clouds part.

ixs usa makes the best motorcycle apparel you ve never heard of

The RS-1000 Series

What iXS is best known for, though, is their RS-1000 lineup. Developed specifically for racers, this collection of ergonomic performance gear is the very definition of customizable. Available in a variety of different colors, the RS-1000 series’ removable hard shell components and sliders can all be easily and effortlessly swapped out, allowing you to mix and match for an almost endless array of color combinations – all without sacrificing the protection you need out on the track. The RS-1000 family of products have been put through over a year’s worth of testing under real-life racing conditions by riders like Horst Saiger and Dominique Aegerter to ensure they meet, and exceed, any and all standards for race wear.

ixs usa makes the best motorcycle apparel you ve never heard of

With a passion and dedication to quality and innovation befitting their Swiss heritage, it’s all part of what makes the iXS brand synonymous with high-quality motorcycle apparel. Or, in other words, iXS just might be the best motorcycle clothing company you’ve never heard of. And if you don’t know, now you know. Head to iXS.com for more on these products and many others.

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  • GarryE GarryE on Sep 24, 2019

    They have good stuff...I've had jacket and pants,wife has pants all mesh and all has been very durable....They are european cut so you beer drinkers and chunkie folks watch ur sizing....I use the street boot still to day and they are very nice....My 2 $

  • Disqus_wnUnN9tLzm Disqus_wnUnN9tLzm on Sep 24, 2019

    I have an IXS Desert set and even though it is HEAVY duty, it sure shields you from the heat and the airflow through it comes through the arms, chest and front of legs then directs so well around to the back with the majority of air exiting up above the back protection. This makes for a cooling system that works really well, IF you are moving! All in all though, it works really well for me, fits like s glove and has so many pockets I think if I put something in all of them I would not be able to walk and I regularly forgot which pocket I put what in until I worked out a system. I would buy another one IF this one ever wears out!!! It is really tough with really good armor. I ride a lot of road miles but get my ADV bike dirty and wet regularly. I would definitely steer someone to this brand.