Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

There’s something here to please any dad

As it does every year, Father’s Day is coming up fast (it’s June 21 in case you didn’t know), and if you’ve got a moto-loving pops you care about, a moto-themed gift will undoubtedly put a smile on his face. Let us help with this collection of gifts for all the moto dads out there. With prices running on the gamut on the affordability chart, there’s bound to be something here for any budget. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

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Cardo Packtalk Bold - $498

Without a doubt, a helmet communicator system is one of the best gifts you can give dad this year, and the Cardo Packtalk bold is Cardo’s best offering. Whether it’s simply listening to music, tapping into your navigation, or chatting amongst a group of your riding buddies while on the road, the Packtalk Bold has you covered.

Able to connect with up to 15, yes 15, riders, the Packtalk Bold Duo features sound by JBL, and has a range of up to a mile. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to any of your devices, and you can give commands by simply saying them. The communicator will handle the rest, no more button pressing needed (though you still can if you prefer).

Bottom Line

  • Now dad can stay connected to his friends or his devices while humming down the road

Porter-Cable Impact Wrench $160

We say it every time and it’s still true: dads love tools. This time, instead of a simple screwdriver, get dad something cool like this Porter-Cable impact wrench. Perfect for popping off rear axle or countershaft sprocket nuts, impact wrenches almost eliminate the need for breaker bars (almost).

This Porter-Cable unit can spin up to 1,700 rpm, with an advertised 330 lb-ft of torque. The LED light makes it easier to reach bolts in dark or hard to see areas, and the wrench feels balanced in your hands even with the battery installed (the battery is included, too).

Bottom Line

  • Get dad a tool he'll actually use.

Universal Motorcycle Rear View Mirrors - $26

Dad doesn’t want to tell you this, but the stock mirrors on his motorcycle suck. Those boxy, square pieces of glass looked terrible in 1982 and they haven’t aged well all these years later. These sleek, streamlined mirrors look infinitely more modern than those old boxy ones, can rotate 360 degrees, and feature an 11.5mm stem for added strength. The 10mm threaded bolt works with most standard mirror mounts, and the included handlebar clamps allow the mirrors to be installed on nearly any motorcycle. 

Bottom Line

  • Dad's gonna dig some new mirrors

Joe Rocket Men's Briton Motorcycle Glove - $54

If dad wants a leather motorcycle glove without it looking like your typical motorcycle glove, then the Briton from Joe Rocket is a good choice. The distressed brown leather (black is also available) looks retro, but the protection is all modern. Injection-molded knuckle armor is also covered in leather to keep the discreet retro look, while a zippered wrist opening makes it easy to slip the glove on or off. A buttoned strap helps keep the glove on. The fingers each come with extra padding for a little more protection, and accordion panels let the first two fingers bend a little easier. A waterproof insert makes this a great-looking glove that can also handle the elements.

Bottom Line

  • A good looking and functional glove for dad.

Beer mug - $20

What’s Father’s Day without a good (or is that bad?) dad joke? Once dad is back and settled in from his motorcycle ride (and, we must stress, only after dad is done riding), what better way to kick back and relax than with a cold one in a frosty mug. And once the frost melts away the corny joke on the front will make dad laugh every time as he thinks about you. 

Bottom Line

  • Cheers, dad!

RAM X-Grip Phone Holder with Motorcycle Fork Stem Base - $54

RAM mounts are some of the most simple and useful devices you can put on your motorcycle, and the fork stem version here is extra clever as it mounts directly in the center of your bars. Compatible with stems with holes ranging from 12mm to 38mm, the pieces are all made from composites and stainless steel, and the strong, spring-loaded X mount can expand to grip on to many of today’s popular phones with tremendous strength, even if it’s inside a case. The ball and socket design allows you to turn your phone in any orientation for added convenience.

Bottom Line

  • A clever device for a clever dad

Disposable Foam Earplugs - $25

You already say dad doesn’t hear you, but maybe that’s by choice. If you want to help prolong the time it takes for you to buy him a hearing aid, spend a couple bucks and get him some earplugs instead. No matter what helmet you wear, prolonged wind noise can wreak havoc on your ears – and this is aside from the prolonged engine sounds his bike makes. Ear plugs block out a significant amount of that drone. Sure you can get fancy ones costing as much as these, but this pack of 200 pairs works just as well for most. And you can’t beat that value!

Bottom Line

  • Dad's hearing is worth saving for a couple bucks, right?

Motul 300v - $63

Getting dad some oil might not seem like your normal gift idea, but Motul 300v isn’t your normal kind of oil. It’s green, for cryin’ out loud. But 300v has long been regarded as some of the best oil you can put in your motorcycle. If dad is meticulous with his motorcycle upkeep, then he probably does his own oil changes. In which case, this 4-liter jug should last him a long time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

*Just so we’re clear, this is meant for 4-strokes. Don’t use this on your 2-stroke. Motul has separate 2-stroke premix for that.*

Bottom Line

  • A good dad deserves good oil

Universal Throttle Lock Clamp - $20

Hey, our own John Burns is a dad. And it’s no secret he loves cruise control. If your dad is the same way, but doesn’t own a modern motorcycle with this genius tech, don’t worry. Clever riders have been coming up with poor-man’s version of cruise control for ages. Case in point is this throttle lock from CherryPic. If you’ve never seen a device like this, it basically locks the throttle in place mechanically, with the clamp resting over the grip and the lever resting on the brake lever once you’ve found the throttle position you want. Voila, cruise control. It should be noted that this simply keeps the throttle locked, if you want to change your speed you need to unlock the device, reset your speed, and lock it again. But if you find yourself humming along in a straight line through, say, Kansas, a throttle lock will be dad’s best friend.

Hey, Ryan Burns, are you reading this?

Bottom Line

  • Don't deprive dad of cruise control

A new motorcycle!

How much do you really like your dad? Enough to buy him a new motorcycle? Because let’s face it, the greatest motorcycle gift you can give pop on this (and really any) Father’s Day is, well, a new (or at least new to him) motorcycle! The Ducati Multistrada 1260 above is a good option, but there are several good options to choose from.

Well all know it’s the thought that counts, but it’s probably fair to say dad would be much more excited to get a new bike than he would, say, anything else on this list.

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