It’s no secret the overwhelming majority of motorcycle gear is targeted and sized for men. As the majority of motorcycle owners are male, this tends to make sense. However, women represent one of the largest growing demographics in motorcycling, and motorcycle apparel manufacturers are starting to notice, creating apparel fit for the female anatomy. This includes footwear, since the size and shape of men’s and women’s feet can vary widely. Here we’ll bring you a selection of motorcycle boots for women.

Or will we? You might notice that I’m not exactly anatomically qualified to be heading up this kind of assignment. Thankfully, I’ve got riding friends who are, and I reached out to them to ask what they prefer to put on their feet when they ride. Perhaps the surprising answer is that, for extremely technical footwear, like motocross or roadracing boots, these women – like a lot of other women they know – choose to wear men’s boots in small sizes, or even kid’s boots. Thus is the state of technical apparel for women.

So, with the help of some female riders who were gracious enough to provide me with their input, here are some choices for motorcycle footwear for women, in a variety of categories.

1. Alpinestars Women's Stella SMX-1 R

We’ll start this list with everyday riding shoes because the selection and thought process is similar to that of riding shoes for men – it all comes down to personal preference. If we’re being honest with ourselves, riding shoes are basically a step above wearing your favorite pair of Chuck Taylors or Yeezys.

In the case of the Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 R you get a durable, lightweight, and low cut riding boot. Its extensive perforation (in the vented version) gives it more ventilation than the standard model, though both are constructed from a highly abrasion-resistant microfiber upper and reinforced with strategically positioned TPU protectors. Alpinestars’ exclusive rubber compound sole offers comfort and excellent grip, both on and off the bike, while the accordion flex zones give support and control regardless of your riding position. It’s also available in black, if fuschia isn’t your thing.

2. Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Women's Boots

When it comes to touring boots, a little more coverage is needed over riding shoes. Weather suitability is also important, as is all-day comfort. For warm-weather touring, the Joe Rocket Heartbreaker boot is an option. The perforated leather chassis goes as far as covering the calf, while a suede front panel is articulated for better range of motion. The heavy-duty calf expansion panels make the boot comfortable for a wide range of leg sizes, and are kept in place with hook-and-loop adjusters. Further fine tuning of the fit is achieved with adjustment buckles at the ankles and at the top of the boot. As an added bonus, a two and a half inch hidden wedge gives you the extra little boost in height.

3. Dainese Torque 3 Out Women's Boots

When it comes to highly technical footwear like track boots, it’s unfortunate how few options there are specifically for women – and the few options that are available are the equivalent to bottom-tier men’s boots. This is why the women we talked to just said they wore men’s boots in small sizes.

However, the Dainese Torque 3 Out above was one exception our female advisors suggested. Giving away very little to the men’s racing boot, the Torque 3 Out features Dainese’s D-Axial ankle protection system limits the rotation of the ankle. A reinforced hull and hard sliders help to dissipate impact loads and protect smaller foot bones. The D-Stone material used for the upper is highly resistant to abrasion and conceals an inner speed lacing system and a three-dimensional mesh liner.

4. Alpinestars Stella SMX Plus v2 Boots

Fully optimized for a female fit, the Stella SMX Plus v2 Boot perfectly blends sleek sports styling with advanced protection features developed in Alpinestars performance footwear department. The durable and light microfiber upper is reinforced with a rugged polymer protector and the exclusive Multi-Link Control (MLC) system prevents ankle torsion while offering freedom of movement. Large front and rear accordion zones are optimized to maximize flexibility for maximum comfort and improved safety. A ratchet top closure helps seal the boot around the leg, while the inner speed lacing closure and unique lateral zipper offer precise and secure fit.

5. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Yes, this is a men’s boot. But it came highly recommended to us from one of the women we talked to when asked for a recommendation for dirt/adventure boots. In fact, as you’ll see, like the track boots, dirt boots for women are lacking when compared to their male counterparts. In the case of the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boot, a small men’s size fit our female advisor perfectly, which then gave her access to all that the boot has to offer, like:

  • Full Grain Microfiber and Cordura material for the upper’s construction.
  • Nylon inner sole with removable arch support pad.
  • Exclusive cam-lock buckle system combined with a Hook and Loop Closure secured upper flap with an elastic expansion panel.
  • Split grain leather inner anti-wear/ heat panels are incorporated to the inside of the boot.
  • An anti-abrasion Cambrelle liner in the foot area for comfort. The upper is lined with Teflon mesh which prevents complete absorption of water and sweat. These materials will not retain water or sweat on the inside of the boot. The boot will dry quickly and the treatment also prevents the onset of mold.

Other features include cam buckles for a secure fit, a slip-resistant sole, PU shin plates and ankle protection, and of course the Gore-Tex breathable and waterproof membrane for dry feet in all conditions.

6. O'Neal 0325-709 Womens New Logo Rider Boot

If you insist on a dirt boot specifically for women, there’s this option from O’Neal. Featuring injection molded plastic plates to protect against impacts, the metal shank insert reinforces the shape of the Boot and adds support for the foot. An easy to operate, snap-lock adjustable four-buckle closure system ensures the boot is tight to the foot, while the durable Goodyear welt sole is properly balanced with no unstable rocking. A metal toe guard protects the sole against delaminating, and a moderate grip sole is great for track, trail and ATV riders.

7. Fox Racing Comp Women's Boots

Another option for ladies who want a dedicated moto boot is the women’s Comp Boot from Fox Racing. An updated floating cuff system provides lateral support and increased linear movement while locking out before hyperextension of the ankle. There’s a TPU shin plate, calf guard, heel cap, and full toe coverage. The patent-pending ActiveLock closure system allows the shin to flex with the motion of the boot with fast, easy, and secure closure, while a durable rubber medial and burn guard provides excellent grip and feel of the bike. You’ll find two instinct-style lower buckles for a secure zero heel lift fit, and improved lining material provides instant step-in comfort.

8. TCX Women's Lady Blend Boots

Like street riding shoes, there are lots of options when it comes to cruiser boots. Again, what it boils down to is rider preference. These TCX Lady Blend waterproof boots are a good combination of style and performance that are stylish on or off the motorcycle. Constructed from microfiber and cut specifically for women, the Lady Blend is styled like a normal boot, but has additional material for a shift pad, additional ankle padding for protection and a slip-resistant sole.

9. Harley-Davidson Women's Amherst Motorcycle Boot

For some, cruiser boots have to come from Harley-Davidson. Thankfully, The Motor Company’s collection of apparel is huge and includes women’s boots, like the Amherst seen here. A short women’s boot with just the right amount of attitude. The full grain leather Amherst has a lightweight outsole and heel, with YKK dual locking inside and outside zippers for fashionable convenience. The added toe stitching and iconic Harley-Davidson bar and shield gives this boot just the right amount of moto edge.

10. Harley-Davidson Women's Belhaven Leather Boots

Another option from Harley-Davidson is the Belhaven. A fan favorite, the Belhaven women’s leather riding boot is a tall lace up with iconic H-D appeal and classic heritage styling. A top to bottom YKK locking zipper lets the long laces do the talking.

What is special about motorcycle boots?

Motorcycle boots are designed specifically for the purpose of riding a motorcycle *and* protecting your feet and ankles. The more technical the riding, the more robust the shoe or boot needs to be. At the most technical end of the spectrum, inner boots and intricate systems like exoskeletons are employed to help reduce the likelihood of your foot moving in a way it’s not supposed to. As you move down the ladder, riding boots and shoes skew more towards comfort over performance, but you’ll likely still find a shifter pad over the toes and some form of ankle protection, at minimum.

What should I consider when buying motorcycle boots?

The first thing to consider is what type of riding you plan on doing. Commuting, touring, weekend rides, off-road, racing/trackdays – there is a boot for all of them. However, the right boot for one may not (and typically isn’t) the right boot for another. So, be honest with yourself about how the riding you’ll be doing with the boot and pick the category wisely.

Once you know the kind of boot you want for the type of riding you’ll be doing, the next important consideration is comfort. The most advanced boot in the world, with all the features and technology under the sun, won’t mean a thing if it’s sitting in your closet because you don’t like wearing it. Depending on the kind of boot you’re looking at, a little stiffness is natural and will break in eventually during use. From there, pay attention to how wide or narrow the toe box is, and how much feel you have over the pegs, shifter, and rear brake.

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