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Keep the moisture where it belongs

Most, but not all, motorcycle luggage these days is waterproof or comes with a cover or something similar to make them so. Using waterproof luggage guarantees your belongings will stay dry and, in general, better protected from the outside elements. When touring, this is more or less a crucial requirement because the weather can change in an instance. Even for daily use, it’s good to know your belongings will stay dry in the event of a surprise Spring shower on your way to work.

There are plenty of options on the market for all sorts of motorcycles. We chose eight of the best companies in the game to showcase some of their waterproof products while also highlighting hard and soft options for waterproof motorcycle luggage.

Wolfman – Unrack System

best waterproof motorcycle luggage

Family owned and operated, Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage makes all of its products in the US. They manufacture everything from tank bags to tail bags, with off-road and on-road offerings. The latest drop from the Colorado-based luggage company is the Unrack system. This allows users to fine-tune their luggage requirements to the specific size, and style needed for the trip at hand. The Unrack system uses a base, of which there are two sizes, that stays on the motorcycle and lets the rider choose from a variety of other Wolfman bags, such as the 100 % waterproof Rolie dry bags, in a sort of modular fashion. Wolfman accessories, like the Bottle Holster, can also be attached as the adventure deems necessary. The base for the system starts at $199.99 with the configurable bags starting at $84.99. The Wolfman Unrack System offers flexibility for a wide swath of riding needs.

Shop for the Wolfman Luggage Unrack System here

Touratech – Zega Pro Series

best waterproof motorcycle luggage

Aluminum waterproof lockable hard cases. A staple in the adventure segment, the Zega Pro series can be had in bare aluminum, anodized silver, and black. Two sizes of side cases are available, 31/38L or 38/45L with top cases available in 25L and 38L capacities. The Touratech cases are different sizes to accommodate high-mounted exhausts. The Zega Pros are durable, waterproof, easy to remove and can be locked closed, and locked to the motorcycle (with the purchase of the separate locking kits). For $1349.00 for the side case system and 679.00 for the topcase system, they’re not cheap, but hey, someone has to pay all of those German engineers.

Shop for the Touratech Zega Pro Series here

Giant Loop – Great Basin

best waterproof motorcycle luggage

Giant Loop is well-known for its robust soft luggage but perhaps is best known for its versatile rackless motorcycle luggage, like the Great Basin. While the Great Basin shell itself is only water-resistant, the bag comes with three RF welded inner liner dry pods with air release valves to allow riders to compress the pods. The U-shaped bag allows it to be thrown over a back seat or rear rack and be tied down to nearly any motorcycle. The Great Basin offers a cavernous 68-liters of packable storage and comes in at the fair price of $450.00. As with all Giant Loop products, the Great Basin is made in the USA and carries a lifetime limited warranty.

Shop for the Giant Loop Great Basin here

Kriega – Solo and Duo Saddlebags

best waterproof motorcycle luggage

Kriega has expanded from rider packs to modular tail bag systems and, now, to soft luggage for both adventure and off-road motorcycles, as well as classically styled bikes like the Scrambler above. The new DUO and SOLO saddlebags are designed for users who are looking for a single bag setup or the standard two-bag saddlebags. These saddlebags offer durable waterproof construction with a roll-top closure and materials such as Hypalon+1000D Cordura, Kevlar, and alloy buckles, which should hold up well through the rigors of daily use. The Kriega DUO saddlebags are available in 28L and 36L capacities with the SOLO bags available in 14L and 18L. These saddlebags mount over the rear seat of the motorcycle, though to ensure a proper fit, a side rack of some sort is recommended to strap them down. The SOLO and DUO bags start at $235 and $375, respectively.

Shop for the Kriega DUO Saddlebags here

GIVI – V37 Monokey

best waterproof motorcycle luggage

Founded by former Italian GP racer Giuseppe Visenzi, GIVI has been in the motorcycle accessory game since 1978. The Italian company currently manufactures hard and soft luggage for all types of motorcycles as well as accessories like engine guards, hand protectors, radiator guards, and more. The GIVI V37 Monokey series is just one example of the company’s sleek and sporty hard cases. The Monokey system lets riders use a single key to open and remove the cases rather than having separate keys for each. Sold as a pair, the V37 Monokey has 37L of storage per case and is said to be able to fit a modular helmet in each case. The shape of the cases themselves are also carefully molded to ensure comfort for the rider and passenger. A matching top case is also available. Locking and entirely waterproof, the GIVI V37 retails for $599.00 per pair and gives OEM-level looks and fitment.

Shop for the GIVI V37 Monokey Cases here

Oxford – Aqua T-70 Roll Bag

best waterproof motorcycle luggage

The Aqua T-70 Roll Bag from Oxford Products is a fairly standard no frills piece of waterproof motorcycle luggage perfect for those looking for a simple weatherproof option. The duffel-style roll-top bag features internal and external pockets, welded seams and waterproof zippers, reflective details for added visibility in inclement weather, and 70L of storage capacity. To attached, simply use the provided straps to ratchet it down to wherever your motorcycle will allow. At $109.95, it’s also one of the best-priced bags on the list.

Shop for the Oxford Aqua T-70 Roll Bag here

Shad – SH36

best waterproof motorcycle luggage

The Spanish brand may not be as well known in the States as others, but Shad has been making and licensing OEM cases for years. The SH36 is shaped specifically to be able to hold an XXL full-face helmet in each case. The SH36 is fully waterproof, lockable, impact resistant, and holds 36L of storage per case. In order to mount these cases, you will need the Shad specific 3P mounting system. The Shad SH36 is sold in pairs and retails for $525.00.

Shop for the Shad SH36 Cases here

SW Motech – Speedpack Tail Bag

best waterproof motorcycle luggage

The SW Motech Speedpack tail bag is a monster piece of luggage, delivering 90L of storage capacity for the rider who wants to bring everything and the kitchen sink. The shell of this big boy is not waterproof itself but comes with three waterproof inner bags to keep all of your things – because you can fit all of the belongings – dry. The four-point strap system allows the Speedpack to be strapped to nearly any motorcycle giving it universal applications. Detachable side bags, reflective accents, and a semi-rigid structure make the SW Motech Speedpack a great all-rounder for those looking for as much storage as possible. The Speedpack retails for $452.95.

Shop for the SW Motech Speedpack here

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