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Clean oil is happy oil

Oil filters. Not the most glamorous component of a motorcycle, but many would argue it’s one of the most important. As we all know, oil plays a critical role in keeping our motorcycles running optimally, and the filter’s role in keeping the oil clean is vital. While fundamentally one oil filter is similar to the next, there are several different companies making them. Here, we’ve gathered a few different kinds together for a broad overview of the best oil filters you can get for your motorcycle. This should go without saying, but many oil filters are model specific. So, not every filter you see below will have an application for you.

K&N Oil Filters – $6-$19

K&N Oil Filters feature synthetic media that trap 99% of harmful contaminants without compromising oil flow rates. The K&N ‘wrench off’ oil filters feature a 17mm nut affixed onto the end that allows for easy installation and removal. The 17mm nut is cross-drilled making it super easy to throw on a safety wire. Its heavy-duty canister and base plate protect against punctures while the double-rolled seal and pre-lube gasket ensure a secure seal.

Shop for K&N Oil Filters here

S&S Oil Filter For Harley – $12-$16

The S&S oil filter for Harley-Davidsons features a sturdy steel canister that’s slightly smaller in diameter than stock filters to make them easier to remove and install. It’s designed with a direct bypass valve that routes bypass oil directly to the filter exit, which minimizes the amount of contaminants carried to the engine in the unfiltered bypass oil. The nominal particle capture size is smaller than that of stock filters while the resistance to oil flow is nearly the same. Available in black or a chrome finish, each filter is made in the USA.

Shop for the S&S Oil Filter For Harleys here

Maxima ProFilter Maxflow Oil Filter – $6

Maxima’s ProFilter oil filters are a direct replacement for your OEM filter and are built to exacting standards that exceed all OEM specifications. Boasting consistent flow rates to keep your engine properly lubricated, the ProFilter can be used with synthetic or petroleum-based oils.

Shop for the Maxima ProFilter Maxflow Oil Filter here

Moose Racing Oil Filter – $6

Moose Racing oil filters are a popular OEM replacement for your dirtbike or dual-sport, as its high-quality paper filter materials can filter down to 10 microns. Manufactured with a sealing ring to ensure a perfect fit, Maxima filters offer maximum protection, long-lasting filter life, and can be used with both conventional and synthetic oils.

Shop for the Moose Racing Oil Filter here

Arlen Ness Beveled Re-Usable Oil Filter For Harley Twin Cam / Sportster 1984-2017 – $162

The Arlen Ness beveled reusable oil filter for Harley’s Big Twins and Sportsters is a cool design piece for your Hog. The cover is constructed using billet aluminum, while the oil filter element is made from laser-cut stainless steel medical grade cloth that catches items down to 35 microns, which is about three times better than traditional premium oil filters. The filter also maintains consistent flow under all conditions including extreme heat, presence of water, and cold starts. It features simple filter cleaning and service. Available in chrome and black anodized finishes.

Shop for the Arlen Ness Beveled Re-Usable Oil Filter here

OEM Oil Filter – $2-$20

When in doubt, it’s hard to go wrong with a genuine OEM oil filter for your ride. You know the fit will be perfect, and it’s built to the correct specs and tolerances your motorcycle needs because it was made by the same folks who built your motorcycle. We used a Suzuki part number as an example, but going with OEM parts – no matter what you ride – will always provide the most peace of mind. And in the case of an oil filter, the odds are good your local dealer will have it in stock.

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  • RyYYZ RyYYZ on Oct 04, 2019

    Purolator, Mobil 1, HiFlo, OEM (whoever they use). Those are my first choices. Usually just the OEM filter - Yamaha sells oil change kits with oil, filter, and a new crush washer, which is what I've been using on my Fazer 8.

  • Joel Taylor Joel Taylor on Feb 06, 2024

    I have to take off so many fairing parts to get at my oil filter (might as well flush and change out the rad fluid while it's disassembled) that I just call a service that comes out to my home address and does it at my home. I supply the synthetic oil. He's done in about an hour. It's not much more than taking it to the dealership and having to drop it off then pick it up later. That's a hassle for me.