WildWind offering riding classes

Classes aimed at helping beginners

By Motorcycle.com Staff, May. 07, 2008
WildWind Motorcycle Tours of Sedona, Ariz. is now offering riding classes for beginners and other biker education courses.

The beginner course involves theory and practice, teaching the basics of riding and safety in the classroom and on the asphalt. What makes this riding school different, however, is the way WildWind’s team of veteran experts and biker savants teach the ways of the biker lifestyle. ‘Biker Etiquette’ and ‘Bike Outfitting’ are included in the course, as is ‘What is Cool?’, a rare examination of the passion, poetry and true meaning of motorcycling.

WildWind is offering a course in ‘Advanced Curving Techniques’ for more experienced riders who want to get the most out of their bike. The company is also offering ‘Zen and the Art of Buying a Damned Bike’. According to WildWind, this curriculum looks at how to get a great deal on a used bike or negotiate your best deal for a new motorcycle. WildWind will accompany its clients on bike-hunting expeditions within two zip codes of its base.

WildWind Motorcycle Tours is one of the premier motorcycle tour operators in the Southwest.

The ‘Beginner’s Riding and Get Right in the Mind Program’ and Advanced
Curving’ start at $185. For more information, visit http://www.wildwindmctours.com/.