September 2008 recall notices

Yamaha, Victory and Triumph bikes recalled

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 23, 2008
Yamaha, Polaris and Triumph have issued recall notices in September, affecting a combined 7,616 bikes.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA has issued a recall notice for 2007 XC50 Vino Classic and XF50 C3 scooters. The connecting rod on these scooters may develop a crack which, if left unnoticed, may lead to a break, causing the engine to stop running.

An estimated 4,800 scooters may have a faulty connecting rod. Yamaha dealers will be able to fix the problem as of Sept. 25. Dealers will disassemble the engine and replace the crankshaft with one that has a heat-treated connecting rod. Owners may contact Yamaha at 1-800-962-7926.

The 2007 Vino Classic is being recalled due to a faulty connecting rod.Polaris Industries has issued a recall notice for 2008 Victory Vision motorcycles. The terminal nuts connecting power supply wires to the circuit breakers of the affected machines may be loose. The power supply wires may come loose causing a sudden loss of electrical power and the current fuel ignition map pre-programmed into the electronic control module may cause the engine to stall. A potential 2,444 Victory Visions may be affected by this issue.

Dealers will inspect the circuit breakers of affected motorcycles and, if necessary, tighten the terminal nuts and re-program the ECM at no charge. Owners may contact Polaris at 1-888-704-5290.

Loose circuit breaker connections on 2008 Victory Visions may affect the pre-programmed fuel ignition map.Triumph Motorcycles America has issued a recall notice for 2008 Sprint ST 1050 motorcycles. Bolts used in the rear suspension drag link assembly may become brittle and fracture. The three bolts involved connect the drag link to the drop link, the drag link to the frame and the drop link to the rear suspension unit. The heads of the affected bolts may come off, causing the drag link assembly to fall apart, resulting in a loss of rear suspension.

Triumph dealers will replace the faulty bolts on the estimated 372 Sprint ST 1050 motorcycles affected by the problem, beginning in November. Owners may contact Triumph at 1-678-539-8782.