Product Review: ComforTemp Jacket

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
As you probably already know, BMW not only makes bikes and cars but they also make some pretty neat riding gear. Burnsie was able to pick up one of their spiffy ComforTemp jackets at a recent press intro and has spent some time wearing it. Read about it and let us know if you have worn simliar things.

Torrance, California, October 16, 2002 -- This is pretty cool. ComforTemp is what's called a phase changematerial -- one that alters its physical properties according to your body temperature. Know how your lava lamp takes a while for the wax to warm up and start bubbling? I'm thinking just like that on a smaller scale. "Tiny microcapsules of paraffin absorb excess heat from the body and store it until it is needed. When the body temperature drops, heat is released fromthe microcapsules," says BMW.

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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