Product Review: Muzzy Pipes for ZRX1200R

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
JohnnyB likes the ZRX. So much so that he wanted to "hop-it up" with all the go-fast goodies. Originally he was going to start with a shift kit. But that proved to difficult to install so he went ahead and installed this Muzzy Pipe deal instead. Soon to come is the optional re-jetting.

Torrance, California, October 11, 2002 -- Stock exhaust systems are looking better all the time on things like GSX-R1000s and R1s and 954s -- which now leave the factory with titanium pipes. (I hear titanium got cheap after the Russians quit building submarines out of it, but don't know if that's true. Anybody?)

In keeping with the bike's 80's theme and bargain price, though, Kawasaki equips its ZRX1200 with an exhaust that must weigh 30 pounds. I almost can't pick it up.

What do you think? Do louder pipes save lives? Did I just open a really bad can of worms? Do you like hopping up bikes? Do you like to get hopped up? Are these questions annoying?

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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