Motocross World Championship Results- Moscow

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From Honda Racing InformationResults MotoCross World Championship, Yakhroma (Moscow), Russia

World Motocross Championship
Round Twelve of Twelve - Saturday/Sunday, 14th/15th September
Venue - Park Extreme, Yakhroma (Moscow), Russia

Weather: Saturday, overcast; Sunday, overcast
Temperature: 14 degrees C Saturday; 18 degrees C Sunday
Attendance: 14,000 for the weekend

Coppins Second On Podium - Confirmed as Vice World Champion

Pichon Takes 9th Consecutive Win To Make Record Books

Honda Europe rider Joshua Coppins looked like taking his first Grand Prixwin of the season at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday, the kiwi showed hewas the fastest rider on the track after taking pole position inQualification for the final race of the 12 round GP series. Coppins lookedthroughout the weekend that he had the upper hand on Frenchman MickaelPichon (Suzuki) after powering out of the gate to grab the hole shot duringSunday's 35 minute plus two lap race.

Coppins who posted the fastest time of Saturday with a 2:04.685 lap timeknocked Pichon into second place at the Extreme Park, some 90 kilometresnorth of Moscow city centre. Carrying the same speed over into Sunday 19lap GP finale Coppins leas for three laps before Pichon moved to the front.

"I ran out of the track and had some marker tape caught in my rear brake,I tried to burn it out, once it had melted I came back at Pichon somethingI don't think he was expecting," said Coppins who had mixed feeling aboutthe race. "Part of me was telling me to ride with safety, I really thoughtI was stronger both mentally and physically that Pichon so in the end Ithought to hell with safety and decided to go for the win."

Within a few laps Coppins was right on the wheel of Pichon and the pairexchanged the lead several times, the Kiwi moved ahead of his former teammate for the second time but as the two crested a tabletop jump after atight corner Pichon cut across and took out the front wheel of Coppins250cc Honda.

"We had a few metres between us, there was no need for him tocut across me like that, he just took my wheel and down I went." Said Joshwho remounted quickly on the uphill section. Fortunately the pair had beenpushing hard and had a big lead over 3rd placed Kenneth Gundersen (Kawasaki).

Coppins added, "The bike felt strange, I thought the front wheel was damaged or the brake disc twisted, the front of the bike was makingsome strange actions, it was in fact the front mudguard catching theexhaust pipe which had been knocked upwards. I didn't want the front wheelsmashing to pieces on landing so it took me a few laps to get my confidenceback in the bike and push on for 2nd."

With 22 points from his second place he confirmed second position in thequarter litre category to finish ahead of Vismara Honda's Pit Beirer. TheGerman was disappointed about slipped to 3rd position after crossing theline in 5th place behind James Dobb(KTM).

"I lost second place in the classifications not here but in Germany a few weeks ago, I dug too deep there and when it came to the last race in Czecho I had nothing left.Combining that with a start crash I knew that it would be very hard here towalk away with the number #2 plate," said Beirer.

Pit started inside of the top ten and moved to 5th position by lap four, "I have been very happy with my racing this year, I have never rode soconsistently and without any major crashes which was always my down fall,sometimes it's hard to accept when you are beaten. I have improved fromlast year's 5th place up to 3rd this year but Pichon was dominantthroughout, if I had not had that single digit points score in Czecho I'dcertainly be Vice Champion as we speak. It's been a long hard season, Istarted back in November last year to prepare for this, now I want time toreflect and in a few weeks start again to focus on next season," said Beirer.

Results 250cc:250cc Race ResultsPos/Rider/Nation/Bike/Time/Gap1/PICHON Mickael/FRA/SUZUKI/41:29.083/2/COPPINS Joshua/NZL /HONDA /41:59.893/30.4963/GUNDERSEN Kenneth /NOR /KAWASAKI /42:06.976/37.5814/DOBB Jamie/GBR /KTM /42:12.035/42.6385/BEIRER Pit/GER /HONDA /42:12.991/43.5946/VEHVILAINEN Jussi/FIN /HONDA /42:49.342/1:19.9457/CHIODI Alessio/ITA /YAMAHA /43:00.502/1:31.1058/RISTORI Marc/CH/HONDA/43:12.358/1:36.6699/GARIN Sergey/RUS/HONDA/43:10.001/1:40.60410/CEPELAK Jiri/CZE/HONDA/43:12.358/1:42.96111/LAANSOO Juss/EST/YAMAHA/43:12.714/1:43.31712/MCFARLANE Andrew /AUS /KAWASAKI /43:18.884/1:49.48713/COOPER Paul /GBR /HONDA /43:25.672/1:56.27514/ATSUTA Yoshitaka/JPN/HONDA/43:26.454/1:57.05715/MARTIN Christophe/FRA/SUZUKI/41:45.216/1lapPoints Standings following Round 121 PICHON Mickael 288, 2 COPPINS Joshua 222, 3 BEIRER Pit 205, 4 DOBB Jamie177, 5 GUNDERSEN Kenneth 167, 6 BOLLEY Fr�d�ric 151, 7 CROCKARD Gordon 143,8 MCFARLANE Andrew 128, 9 VEHVILAINEN Jussi 126, 10 CHIODI Alessio 116,11 COOPER Paul 101, 12 AUBERT Jonhny 100, 13 KOVALAINEN Marko 86,14 NUNN Carl 80, 15 BEGGI Cristian 68.

Smets Follows Team Orders to Allow Garcia Vico to Win.

Belgian Joel Smets dominated the final round of the World 500cc MotocrossChampionship, the KTM rider who was already assured second position in theseries after Stefan Everts (Yamaha) won the title two weeks ago. Smets wholead the race from virtually the start was pit boarded by his team to allowSpaniard Garcia Vico to be allowed to take the win. Smets did not act onthe instruction for four laps and pulled up short of the finish line toallow Vico his first win of the season, 25 points for the win secured 3rdposition in the championship.

Smets said later, "I saw the signal but when I tried to slow I made allsorts of mistakes, the track is very demanding so I juts rode my own raceuntil the last lap and then allowed Vico to win."

It put the Belgian in adifficult position with friend and countryman Marnicq Bervoets, whorelegated to 4th position overall because of his actions. "I had to followteam instructions whatever my relationship is with Marnicq. I felt that Ihad rode very well and was looking forward to my 7th victory of the seasonbut it was not to be, I won for myself of not on the records," said Joel.

Newly crowned World Champion Stefan Everts fought hard with Vico for eightlaps but the Spaniard broke away and was in a comfortable second position,but a win was needed to finish in the top three overall.

"I really appreciate what Joel did for me, I rode hard and was desperate to catch andpass him - then he had to hand over his victory to me. I know how he mustfeel but I ma very happy to have that number # 3 plate for 2003, he made asacrifice for me and I just want him to know that a applaud him."

Italian Andrea Bartolini had a bad start and struggled to get back into thetop twenty by the end of lap one, he said "I have lost motivation thisseason - it's been very frustrating riding with my injured finger and notbeing able to give 100% each week, to be honest I am glad that it's allover. I knew that when I came here I couldn't improve on my 5th position inthe rankings, the gap to Bervoets was just too great, I would I could havetried harder but I wasn't enjoying myself and so I have to be happy with11th."

Results 500cc:500cc Race ResultPos/Rider/Nation/Bike/Time/Gap1/GARCIA VICO Javier /SPA /KTM /41:35.5362/SMETS Joel /BEL /KTM /41:36.929/00:1.3933/EVERTS Stefan /BEL /YAMAHA /41:57.582/00:22.0474/BERVOETS Marnicq /BEL /YAMAHA/42:16.567/00:41.0315/NOBLE James/GBR/HONDA /42:44.019/1:08.4836/PYRHONEN Antti/FIN/HONDA /42:49.022/1:13.4867/MELOTTE C�dric /BEL /YAMAHA /42:59.188/1:17.7738/BURNHAM Christian/GBR/HONDA/42:53.309/1:17.7739/LEOK Avo/EST/HONDA/43:05.214/1:29.67810/AALTONEN Miska/FIN/HUSABERG/43:07.772/1:32.23611/BARTOLINI Andrea /ITA/HONDA /43:26.170/1:50.63412/THEYBERS Danny/BEL/KTM/43:33.843/1:58.30713/KADALECEK Michal/CZE/43:34.731/1:59.19514/ZANNI Alessandro/ITA/HONDA/41:59.010/1 lap15/TRIISA Toomas/EST/KTM/42:16.654/1 lapPoints Standings following Round 121 EVERTS Stefan 268, 2 SMETS Joel 229, 3 GARCIA VICO Javier 225,4 BERVOETS Marnicq 222,, 5 BARTOLINI Andrea 154, 6 DEMARIA Yves 121,7 JELEN Roman 110, 8 JORGENSEN Brian 91, 9 LEOK Avo 89, 10 NOBLE James88, 11 THEYBERS Danny 87, 12 MELOTTE C�dric 84, 13 BURNHAM Christian 75, 14BETHYS Thierry 72, 15 DINI Fabrizio 65,

Maschio Secure 125cc World Title

Twenty nine year old Frenchman Mickael Maschio of the Kawasaki Racing Teamtied up the 125cc title hunt with a 4th place finish at the Grand Prix ofRussia on Sunday, Maschio who held onto the lead for the better part of theseason won his first world title with a slender four point advantage overBelgian Steve Ramon (KTM). Ramon was to take the win ahead of Kiwi BenTownley (KTM) and Marc De Reuver after a huge tussle between the three KTMriders, Patrick Caps another KTM rider who also started the day as a titlecontender along with Ramon ran off the track and picked up marker tape inhis front and rear wheels forcing him to retire.

Maschio who was confident throughout the race was caught up in a KTMsandwich, two riders in front and two chasing on his rear wheel during thefirst four laps. He eventually slipped to a safe 5th position with enoughpoints in hand to take the crown. He said later, "It was a very good race,one of the closest races of the season I was really enjoying myself. Wewere really getting close at times but I just rode my own pace when I wasfourth, I knew what the points situation was but for the last five or sixlaps all I could think about was a mechanical failure if the engine orsomething breaking on the bike, the bike has been ultra reliable but Iguess all sorts of thing go through you head when you are this kind ofsituation."

Grand Prix winner Caps gave it his best shot and rode the best he has doneall season. "If I could have raced like that at a few more GP's I know Iwould have been Champion instead of Maschio, I had a slim chance to beathim and Cap so I gave it me best effort, I won the race so I could dobetter but I know that I lost the title not just here but over a few racesstarting back in Spain when I failed to score a point after crashing on thestart line."

Jeff Dement America's top GP representative in the Grand Prix series was anon starter in Russia, the Italian based Honda rider crashed a broke afinger in the Czech Republic and followed doctor's orders not to race. Hewas unable to improve on his 8th position in the 12 round series, the27-year old Texas-native now forced to sit on the sidelines said mid weekbefore the GP, "The race at Loket was one of the most painful forty minutesof my life, the crash was just insane. I am disappointed about missing outon the Moscow trip, it's a big shame but my doctors advised me not to takeany risks. My right arm is much too weak with the muscle tear anyway not tomention pain from my finger. It would have been an awesome experience torace in Russia, now all I can do is sit on the couch and watch the race ontelevision."

Results 125cc:125cc Race ResultPos/Rider/Nation/Bike/Time/Gap1/RAMON Steve/BEL /KTM /40:05.5032/TOWNLEY Ben/NZL/KTM/40:07.218/00:1.7153/DE REUVER Marc /NED /KTM /40:42.059/00:36.5564/MASCHIO Mickael /FRA /KAWASAKI /41:04.417/00:58.9145/SWORD Stephen/GBR /KTM /41:06.979/1:01.4766/LEOK Tanel/EST/KTM /41:08.985/1:03.4827/RATTRAY Tyla/RSA/KTM/41:10.206/1:04.7038/GUNDERSEN Kenneth/NOR/41:17.353/1:11.8509/MACKENZIE Billy/GBR /YAMAHA /41:19.415/1:13.91210/DUPASQUIER Philippe /SUI/KTM /41:47.360/1:41.85711/CHURCH Tom/GBR/KTM/42:01.351/1:55.84812/DORSCH Marco/GER/KTM/42:11.063/2:05.56013/VAN DALE Marvin/BEL/YAMAHA/42:17.587/2:12.08414/GONCALVES Rui /POR /YAMAHA /40:09.488/1 lap15/DE JAGER Jarrett/RSA /KAWASAKI /40:26.204/1 lapPoints Standings following Round 121 MASCHIO Mickael 225, 2 RAMON Steve 221, 3 CAPS Patrick 197,4 DUPASQUIER Philippe 183, 5 PUZAR Alessandro 169, 6 TOWNLEY Ben 147,7 RATTRAY Tyla 118, 8 DEMENT Jeff 103, 9 DE REUVER Marc 96, 10 SWORDStephen 96, 11 STEVANINI Christian 88, 12 PARKER Trampas 84, 12 EGGENS Erik76,14 SEGUY Luigi 75, 15 GUIDETTY Serge 61
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