World Superbike & Supersport Results From Brands Hatch

Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
Who laid the smack down over in England? Did the favorites win? Or did some local riders come out of the woodwork for a surprise win? Read on to find out...



Weather: Hot, sunny
Temperature: 24 degrees
Attendance: 126,000


Colin Edwards was in rampant mood as he scored a double win in the 10thround of the World Superbike championship at Brands Hatch, GB on Sunday.

The Castrol SP-2 Honda rider was determined to make the most of two days ofsolid, problem-free practice and his confidence was evident as he took thelead on the third lap of the opening race from Neil Hodgson, at theleft-hand Stirlings corner.

Once ahead, Edwards built up a one-second lead which he maintained to theend of the 25 laps for his fourth win of the year. Edwards said:

"I knew that win was possible but then I made a mess of the start. I dug deep andmanaged to get ahead pretty early in the race. Once in front I just watchedthe pit board and tried to keep the gap at about one second. It was a tough race in the hot conditions and for 25laps all I could hear was 100,000 screaming fans. We've hardly changed athing on the SP-2 since we got here on Thursday and Michelin have done agreat job again with the tyres."

Hodgson held off the challenge of Troy Bayliss to take secondplace welcomed by a huge cheer from a section of the 126,000 partisancrowd as the British rider took the chequered flag.

Bayliss, battered and bruised following a practice crash after a collisionwith team-mate Ruben Xaus, completed the podium while Noriyuki Haga heldoff Xaus and survived a final corner scare to secure fourth place.

Xaus, eager to pass Haga on the run to the finish line, ran into theAprilia rider on the exit of the fast, sweeping final corner. Xaus heldonto his machine and finished fifth having started from 14th place on thegrid.

Edwards started race two as favourite after his opening race display andthe buoyant Texan didn't disappoint as grabbed his second win of the day.Again he took the lead from Hodgson and again at the tight left-handStirlings, this time on the fourth lap.

He quickly opened up a gap of four seconds and his fifth win of the yearand the fifth double victory of his career never looked in doubt. TheCastrol Honda ace eventually cruised across the line 2.3 seconds ahead oftitle rival Bayliss.

"It feels great to win the double again here," said Edwards after repeatinghis 1999 double. "I really felt like the double was on today and I'm sopleased to achieve it. I realised that Troy (Bayliss) may be strugglingafter his crash yesterday but if I started thinking too much about him I'dstart forgetting how good Hodgson is around here. The team's worked hardfor this and, after the Suzuka 8 hours race next week, I'm sure HRC willcome up with something extra for the final three rounds."

Second place for Bayliss meant Edwards moved 14 points closer to thechampionship leader with a gap of 39 points now separating the two withthree rounds remaining.

Bayliss held off Hodgson in the battle for second place while last year'sBrands Hatch double race winner Ben Bostrom improved from a first raceseventh place to take fourth. Haga again won a thrilling battle with Xaus,this time for fifth place.

Second place in the World Supersport race was enough for CBR600 Honda pilotFabien Foret to extend his lead in the championship after anincident-packed race at Brands Hatch.

Japanese Suzuki rider Katsuaki Fujiwara won his second race of the year andhas become Foret's nearest challenger. The original, 23-lap race wasstopped when leader Stephane Chambon crashed at the right-hand Paddock Hillbend on the seventh lap, escaping injury. In the first re-start Britishhero James Whitham crashed in spectacular fashion at the end of the firstlap, sustaining a broken elbow.

Then, on the third start, Foret crashed while leading, escaping injury andreturning to the pit garage to prepare for the fourth start. Fujiwara tookthe lead in the race when Paolo Casoli and Foret clashed fairings with twolaps to go, relegating the pair to fourth and fifth places respectively.

That was enough for Foret to lose out to Fujiwara on aggregate time, by0.2s. Casoli took third place with Foret's team-mate Iain MacPherson ridingto a strong finish in fourth.

Foret said: "That was about the craziest race I've ever been in. I made amistake and crashed but luckily I was able to re-start and after all thedrama I'll take second place and keep the lead of the championship."


Race 1: (25 Laps, 105.525 km/65.95 miles)1/Colin Edwards/USA/Castrol Honda/36'27.5552/Neil Hodgson/GBR/HM Plant Ducati/36'28.728/1.1733/Troy Bayliss/AUS/Ducati Infostrada/36'37.882/10.3274/Noriyuki Haga/JPN/Playstation2-FGF Aprilia/36'49.798/22.2435/Ruben Xaus/ESP/Ducati Infostrada/36'50.038/22.4836/Chris Walker/GBR/Kawasaki Racing/36'54.051/26.4967/Ben Bostrom/USA/Ducati L & M/36'54.090/26.5358/Pierfrancesco Chili/ITA/Ducati NCR Axo/36'54.343/26.7889/James Toseland/GBR/HM Plant Ducati/36'59.877/32.32210/Shane Byrne/GBR/Renegade Ducati/37'00.189/32.63411/Juan Bautista Borja/ESP/Spaziotel Racing/37'05.747/38.19212/Alessandro Antonello/ITA/DFX Racing Ducati Pirelli/37'14.510/46.95513/Hitoyasu Izutsu/JPN/Kawasaki Racing/37'14.802/47.24714/Dean Ellison/GBR/D & B Racing/37'16.340/48.78515/Gregorio Lavilla/ESP/Alstare Suzuki Corona/37'17.445/49.89Fastest Lap: Troy Bayliss, 1m26.690s, 175.287kph/109.55mphRace 2: (25 Laps 105.525 km/65.95 miles)1/Colin Edwards/USA/Castrol Honda/36'27.655/2/Troy Bayliss/AUS/Ducati Infostrada/36'29.981/2.3263/Neil Hodgson/GBR/HM Plant Ducati/36'30.403/2.7484/Ben Bostrom/USA/Ducati L & M/36'40.785/13.135/Noriyuki Haga/JPN/Playstation2-FGF Aprilia/36'40.927/13.2726/Ruben Xaus/ESP/Ducati Infostrada/36'40.948/13.2937/Pierfrancesco Chili/ITA/Ducati NCR Axo/36'42.619/14.9648/Chris Walker/GBR/Kawasaki Racing/36'49.579/21.9249/Michael Rutter/GBR/Renegade Ducati/36'52.363/24.70810/Shane Byrne/GBR/Renegade Ducati/36'57.485/29.8311/Juan Bautista Borja/ESP/Spaziotel Racing/36'57.871/30.21612/Gregorio Lavilla/ESP/Alstare Suzuki Corona/36'58.264/30.60913/Alessandro Antonello/ITA/DFX Racing Ducati Pirelli/37'12.025/44.3714/Glen Richards/GBR/Hawk Kawasaki/37'14.449/46.79415/Marco Borciani/ITA/Pedercini/37'19.286/51.631Fastest Lap: Colin Edwards, 1m26.711s, 175.244kph/109.53mphRiders Championship Standings:1 Troy Bayliss 4412 Colin Edwards 4023 Neil Hodgson 2574 Ben Bostrom 2065 Noriyuki Haga 2066 Ruben Xaus 1937 James Toseland 1318 Chris Walker 1269 Pierfrancesco Chili 10710 Gregorio Lavilla 8911 Juan Bautista Borja 6312 Lucio Pedercini 5313 Hitoyasu Izutsu 5014 Eric Bostrom 4915 Steve Martin 47Manufacturers Standings:1 Ducati 4552 Honda 4073 Aprilia 2064 Kawasaki 1755 Suzuki 1066 Yamaha 167 Benelli 10


Race: (23 Laps, 97.083km/60.68miles)Pos/Rider/Nat./Team/Time/Gap1/Katsuaki Fujiwara/JPN/Alstare Suzuki Corona/35'09.4412/Fabien Foret/FRA/Ten Kate Honda/35'09.727/0.2863/Paolo Casoli/ITA/Yamaha Belgarda/35'10.883/1.4424/Iain MacPherson/GBR/Ten Kate Honda/35'14.396/4.9555/Jurg Teuchert/GER/Yamaha Motor Germany/35'15.739/6.2986/Christian Kellner/GER/Yamaha Motor Germany/35'17.182/7.7417/Alessio Corradi/ITA/Team Italia Spadaro/35'21.816/12.3758/Chris Vermeulen/AUS/Van-zon-Honda-T.K.R./35'23.853/14.4129/Antonio Carlacci/ITA/Lorenzini by Leoni/35'30.761/21.3210/Kevin Curtain/AUS/OPCM Racing/35'34.932/25.49111/Stuart Easton/GBR/Monster Mob Ducati/35'37.278/27.83712/Stefano Cruciani/ITA/T. Italia Lorenzini by Leoni/35'38.671/29.2313/Werner Daemen/BEL/Van-zon-Honda-T.K.R./35'40.964/31.52314/James Ellison/GBR/Kawasaki Racing/35'47.096/37.65515/Sebastien Charpentier/FRA/Moto 1/35'52.020/42.579Fastest Lap: Iain MacPherson, 1m30.095s, 168.682kph/105.43mphRiders Championship Standings:1 Fabien Foret 1382 Katsuaki Fujiwara 1293 Stephane Chambon 1154 Andrew Pitt 1135 Christian Kellner 886 Paolo Casoli 877 Chris Vermeulen 748 James Whitham 719 Jurg Teuchert 7110 Iain MacPherson 5411 Piergiorgio Bontempi 4812 Alessio Corradi 4613 Karl Muggeridge 3314 Kevin Curtain 3115 Werner Daemen 27Manufacturers Standings:1 Suzuki 1732 Honda 1583 Yamaha 1404 Kawasaki 1155 Ducati 56
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